Letters from readers: poor reality

We are entering the third month of this electoral year 2023. In the economy, inflation is on the verge of passively destroying purchasing power. 50 percent of the population already suffers from it in their own flesh. The sad thing is that the country does not see a life project with a better future. Lately the political parties lack seriousness to get out of this inopportune reality; Most of them became small political groups that take to the streets five to three months before the elections, talking about alliances thinking about their candidacies to continue with the waste, leaving the people like chicken coops. Tucumán has bills such as the process for public information, that of the Volunteer Firefighters and others that were shelved. The country urgently needs tax and political reforms with suitable leaders who reduce public spending, who free themselves from nepotism and hedonism by going out in their parties to listen to the needs of the people and respond to them. Every citizen will have to know how to choose his leaders and if he is elected he must demand that they comply with the laws, rendering his public trajectory at the same time..