Levchenko full of praise: “It is fantastic that Feyenoord…

Evgeniy Levchenko with Hans Kraay junior
Foto: © Pro Shots

Evgeniy Levchenko believes that the Netherlands is handling the situation in his country Ukraine well. On Wednesday afternoon, Feyenoord and RKC played a benefit match for Ukraine in De Kuip. The competition was partly initiated by main sponsor EuroParcs, they receive refugees at several holiday parks.

Evgeniy Levchenko, former international for Ukraine, was present in De Kuip together with him. He finds the social action heartwarming. “You can win a war on different levels. It is very important to me to make it clear to people what is happening in my country. Fortunately, Dutch society is taking it well. turning”, let the former football player know at ESPN.

Lev has been sleeping badly for weeks. The situation in his country is a concern, especially since he knows many Ukrainian citizens personally. “It plays a crucial role in my life. In some cities the infrastructure is 80 percent destroyed. People know that they are surrounded and that they have no gas, water and light. Then you cannot function normally.”

The fact that many Ukrainians who had fled to the Netherlands on Wednesday in De Kuip were given the chance to forget the misery, makes Levchenko happy. “It is so important that children feel happy. It is fantastic that Feyenoord has done this.”