“L’Evénement”, “Suprêmes”, “House of Gucci”, “In his lifetime”… The cinema releases of the week


A rich week with the adaptation of Annie Ernaux’s novel on clandestine abortion, a successful biopic on NTM, another by Ridley Scott on the Gucci empire, or even Sharunas Bartas’s intimate film on resistance fighters in Lithuania during the Second World War.

“The Event”: in the days of angel makers

Beside “The happy event”, expression that refers to the birth of a child, there is The event : a simple, neutral word, title of Annie Ernaux’s novel in which the writer recounts her clandestine abortion, carried out in January 1964, at the age of 23 (Gallimard, 2000). By adapting The event at the cinema (Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival), Audrey Diwan signs a film of harsh and nervous beauty. The French director of Lebanese origin, born in 1980, keeps the naturalistic vein of Annie Ernaux’s “diary”, the camera on the shoulder sticking to the neck of Anne (Anamaria Vartolomei).

Boarder, Anne returns home on weekends, but she says nothing about her situation, neither to her mother, bar patron (Sandrine Bonnaire), nor to her literature teacher (Pio Marmaï). To have an abortion is to take the risk of ending up in prison. In the film, the voluntary termination of pregnancy – which will be authorized in France in 1975 – is not really the subject of debate. The staging highlights the silence that engulfs Anne. The Franco-Romanian actress Anamaria Vartolomei embodies with urgency and restraint this young woman with double bottom, serious and enjoyable, padlocked but determined to live her life.

To Annie Ernaux’s novel, Audrey Diwan adds the evocation of the falsely yéyé atmosphere of the 1960s, where sex rhymes with the fear of pregnancy for girls. The painting of this frustrated youth constitutes the backdrop of this drama whose intensity goes crescendo, until abortion (Anna Mouglalis in the role of the angel maker), whose raw reality is delivered to us with a astonishing documentary precision. Clarisse Fabre

French film by Audrey Diwan. With Anamaria Vartolomei, Luana Bajrami, Louise Orry-Diquero, Kacey Mottet-Klein (1 h 40).

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“Supreme”: rhymes with NTM

There is an almost inevitable pitfall for anyone undertaking a biopic: that of rigidifying his subject, of forcing him into a narrative that is too narrow for him. This reconstitution trap is even more threatening when it comes to bringing into a film a phenomenon as feverish as the emergence of the French hip-hop movement, and the explosion that was the appearance of the group Suprême NTM in the musical landscape, at the end of the 1980s.

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