Leverkusen received five insurances

68-year-olds before the district court
Leverkusen woman cashed in with five insurance companies

The 68-year-old had to answer to the local court for suspected fraud. Defendants showed understanding and remorse. Proceedings were terminated.

Between 2016 and 2017, a 68-year-old tried to circumvent her insurance. She had signed contracts with five companies. When, according to her own statements, money was stolen, she initially stated a sum of 300 euros each for all five insurance companies, and then increased the damage to around 5200 euros. A decision to terminate the procedure in 2018 failed because it had not complied with the requirements agreed at the time.

So the district court saw itself compelled to renegotiate the matter. The 68-year-old defended herself against the allegations. In court, the weathered woman protested: “I owned this money.” It was stolen during a break-in. “The door was totally bent,” she said excitedly. She had to be slowed down again and again by her defense attorney.

The judge wanted to know why she had taken out five insurance policies. The woman paused for a moment and then emphasized that insurance often did not cover all of the damage. But immediately afterwards she also said: “I have now all resigned.” Overall, the defendant was remorseful and said she had personally apologized to the insurance companies. “That was not correct. I admit that, ”she said. And: “You should expect more understanding from a 68-year-old.”

The proceedings had already been discontinued in 2018 – initially against a payment obligation, then against working hours. She only completed four hours. However, six months are earmarked for such services. The woman justified this with the restrictions of the corona pandemic: “None of that was possible. You weren’t allowed to enter any premises. ”She wanted to get in touch with a Leverkusen parish – without success. The judge recognized the defendants’ repentance. In addition, they have met parts of the requirements. And because the accused had been committed around four years ago, the court was lenient and dropped the case.