Levski – September (Simitli): 7: 0 (Development of the match by minutes)


Tournament: Bulgarian Cup
Stadium: “Vivacom Arena – Georgi Asparuhov”, Sofia


End of the match.


GOAL! Dimitar Kostadinov! Another break on the flank of Ivan Goranov reached Kostadinov, who caught the ball, sending it into the door of the guests.


GOAL! Borislav Tsonev! The midfielder received a sharp pass from the right and from close range stretched the net of Antonio Tuta.


GOAL! Bilal Barry scored a hat trick! Ivan Goranov cross from the left, the defense of the guests failed to intervene well, the ball reached Bari, who scored from close range.

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GOAL! Georgi Milanov! The midfielder was the most resourceful after shuffling in the penalty area when centering from a corner kick. Antonio Tuta failed to kick the ball well and Milanov managed to send it into the door from close range.


Dimitar Kostadinov crosses from the right. Bilal Barry headed the ball over the crossbar.

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Gyoko Zaikov was replaced by Christos Shelis.


Beginning of the second part.


End of the first half.


Vasil Bozhinov took advantage of a mistake by Gyoko Zaikov and invaded the penalty area. However, Jose Cordoba intervened decisively and cleared.


GOAL! Bilal Bari notes again! After a cross from the right, the ball reached the player, who scored with a powerful shot.

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GOAL! Bilal Bari! Andrian Kraev centered in the penalty area, where Bilal Bari with a flying plunge stretched the net of Antonio Tuta.

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GOAL! Marin Petkov! Georgi Milanov invaded the penalty area and passed to Marin Petkov, who sent the ball inexorably into the door of the guests.

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Marin Petkov! The attacker was uncovered and shot at the door, but Tuta saved. The deflected ball reached Martin Petkov, who also shot, but the ball went over the door.


Georgi Milanov crosses the ball from a direct free kick. Goko Zaikov intercepted with his head, but sent the ball straight into Tuta’s hands


Marin Petkov shot at the door of Antonio Tuta, but his shot was blocked by the opponent’s defense.

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Start of the meeting.

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Levski welcomes Septemvri (Simitli) tonight at 19:00 in a match from the 1/8 finals for the Cup of Bulgaria. The Blues are ambitious to get as far as possible in the tournament, which gives them the only real opportunity to end the season with a trophy.

The team is gradually progressing under the leadership of Stanimir Stoilov and will now be able to strengthen the good impressions with new success, this time against a rival from the Second League. The Levski players will try to record a third consecutive victory and inspire a new dose of optimism to their fans.

Murray: Levski should not be surprised alone against Simitli

Murray: Levski should not be surprised alone against Simitli

“Barry scored, but that doesn’t mean his problems are over.”

The guests from Southwestern Bulgaria do not intend to give up without a fight. However, September has been performing quite well in recent weeks, registering 4 consecutive losses before reaching 1: 1 against Maritsa (Plovdiv) over the weekend.


Levski are adamant that they will not underestimate the opponent. Stoilov will not be able to use the penalties Radoslav Tsonev, and Borislav Tsonev and Georgi Milanov have slight problems, but both were in the group for the match.

16-year-old Plamen Andreev will stand at the door, and a pair of central defenders will be Christos Shelis and Jose Cordoba. Ivaylo Naidenov and Patrick-Gabriel Galchev will get a chance from the first minute, acting on both flanks. The attack will be led by Bilal Bari, supported by Marin Petkov, Dimitar Kostadinov and Zdravko Dimitrov.

A former star of Ludogorets appeared with a team of Levski

A former star of Ludogorets appeared with a team of Levski

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Lukoki poses in a Cabral T-shirt

September’s coach Troyan Radulov will probably focus on the same team that started against Maritsa. The most famous name in the team is that of the former CSKA striker Vladislav Zlatinov. The other offensive weapon of the Simitli team is Zapro Dinev.

Probable compositions:

Levski: Andreev; Naidenov, Shelis, Cordoba, Galchev; B. Tsonev, Kraev; M. Petkov, D. Kostadinov, Z. Dimitrov; Bari

September: Tuta; K. Mihailov, Kosov, Mitev, Mutavdjiiski; J. Petrov, E. Petrov; Dinev, Lyubomirov, Trayanov; Zlatinov

Nikolay Mihailov did not fall into the group of Levski

Nikolay Mihailov did not fall into the group of Levski

Plamen Andreev will guard the door