Lewis Hamilton tried the Ineos Grenadies, he obviously enjoyed the ride

The seven-time Formula 1 champion switched to authentic offroad. And by all accounts he thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Sir Lewis Hamilton is well known to everyone primarily as a Formula 1 racing driver, in which he competes for the Mercedes-AMG team. He also owns several cars of this brand, including the rare hypersport One. However, he recently got the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a rough off-roader, under the hood of which a BMW engine is hidden. And apparently he thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

That car was the new Ineos Grenadier, which follows the traditional Land Rover Defender in terms of technology, design and functionality. It should be added that Ineos Automotive is a subsidiary of the chemical giant Ineos Group, which is one of the leading sponsors of the F1 racing team. Jim Ratcliffe, the founder of the Ineos company, was the company in the Grenadier cabin, then the driver.

Hamilton, which most of us associate mainly with flat super sports, apparently had a good time behind the wheel of the offroad with a pair of rigid axles. According to him, the Grenadier looks like a car from a Bond movie, and he would personally order it in black, with additional roof lights and on larger all-terrain tires.

The racing driver tested the novelty both on the road, where the car surprised with its grip, and in the off-road, where he really did not spare it and gave it a good run. After all, even Jim Ratcliffe himself might have been slightly nervous at times about his driving style. He mentioned in the video that the Grenadier was developed primarily as a high-quality off-roader, but it obviously won’t get lost on the road either.

Let’s add that under the hood of the new offroad is a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine from BMW, but customers have a choice between gasoline and diesel power units. A ZF gearbox then takes care of power transmission to the all-wheel drive system with three lockable differentials. At the same time, the Grenadier is a true offroader with a body on a solid frame and a pair of rigid axles.

Let us recall that Jim Ratcliffe was originally interested in buying the rights to continue the production of the classic Defender from Jaguar Land Rover, but the automaker did not agree. Then, when Ineos introduced the Grenadier, the British carmaker tried to stop its production, accusing the Grenadier’s design of being too similar to the original Defender. However, the court dismissed the lawsuit because the appearance of the classic Defender was not specifically protected.

The production of the new Ineos Grenadier started during the past weeks, and the first pieces should reach customers this year. The novelty is also available on the Czech market, where Dajbych is a partner of the British brand.