Technology Lexus increases its sales by 14.5% in 2019, the...

Lexus increases its sales by 14.5% in 2019, the sixth consecutive year of brand growth




Updated:01/16/2020 15: 33h


Lexus total sales have increased by 14.5% in 2019, to a record of 87,206 vehicles, which has been the sixth consecutive year of the brand’s growth, with some sales that have doubled since 2013.

This continued growth in 2019 was driven by the launch of the new Lexus UX, a premium compact crossover, the new Lexus ES saloon and a renewed Lexus RX. The Lexus mix in Western Europe is now almost exclusively hybrid, with 96% of sales equipping this technology, while in the whole of the European region it is 67%.

The company’s best-selling vehicles have been the NX, with 24,309 units; the UX, with 20,943 units, as well as the RX, with 18,657 units. Among those that have risen the most, the new UX and ES range (new in Western Europe). Specifically, total sales of hybrids were 58,149 vehicles (27% more than the previous year), a mix that accounts for 67% of sales in Europe.

In the group set, sales of Toyota Motor Europe (TME) have amounted to 1,089,422 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in 2019, representing an increase of 5.2% compared to 2018. The total market share of the group has risen to 5, 3% in a European market that has remained stable from year to year. With more than 550,000 commercial electric hybrid vehicles, which account for 52% of total sales, Toyota and Lexus offer 20 hybrid models globally, the widest range of electric hybrid vehicles in the sector. In fact, the seven launches of new models made at European level in 2019 between the two brands have provided an additional boost for year-on-year growth.

«We are very satisfied with another great result in 2019, taking into account the uncertainty in the market. The continued growth of Toyota and Lexus during this period is a sign of the company’s strategy to focus on new products and expand our hybrid electric range, ”he explained. Johan van Zyl, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe during the Kenshiki Forum 2020 held by the group in Amsterdam.

«We thank our customers for their trust and loyalty. We are convinced that we can maintain this inertia in 2020, with the launch of seven models, such as the new Yaris, and expanding our electrification strategy, with the introduction of the plug-in Toyota RAV4 hybrid and the Lexus UX electric battery vehicle, ”he concluded.



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