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Lexus LM: maximum luxury for the first minivan of the Japanese brand

HA while back a rumor began about a possible incursion of Lexus in the segment of executive minivans, based on the Toyota Alphard, a strategy similar to the one already applied with the all-terrain LX, based on Toyota Land Cruisers. Finally, this rumor ended up materializing and the novelty just debuted at the Shanghai Hall, under the name LM.

Striking, it is the first adjective that comes to mind when we look at it: in the front sector there is a huge grille and air intake – the largest that Lexus has ever used – next to the LED headlights that are already a seal of brand identity. The sides are similar to those of the Alphard, with that marked break in the B-pillar, although with more chrome details to enhance its design and give it a more refined and elegant image. The rear part closes the set with also huge LED headlights that extend across the width of the gate and more chrome details on the lower part of the bumper.

Lexus LM 300

But without doubts, in what most stands out the LM is in its interior. It is known that it will offer variant for more passengers (up to seven), but in the images published by the company it was released its most luxurious version with capacity for only two passengers in the rear. Two occupants who will travel even better than in the first class of an airplane. To access, the doors have electric opening and the sector for passengers is divided by a giant screen and a glass to communicate with the driver, as if it were a limousine.

The two seats have multiple electrical regulations, several programs of massages, air conditioning and heating. To make matters worse, they also have their own sound system Mark Levinson and a refrigerator with capacity for two bottles of champagne. Of course, the entire interior is covered in leather and materials of the highest quality, with wool carpets and handcrafted details as used by Lexus.

Mechanically, there will be two options, one driven by a 3.5-liter V6 engine and another hybrid, with 218 hp combined power, with automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

At the moment, the Lexus LM will only be marketed in Japan and other markets in Asia, where this type of minivans are highly sought after. Its arrival in Europe or the United States is not expected.


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