Lexus RZ 2023 officially launched in Southeast Asia, coming to Vietnam?

At the Jakarta Automobile Week 2023 event taking place in Indonesia on March 10, Lexus RZ 2023 electric was present. “Today, we introduce the new generation of Lexus electric vehicle, the RZ. This shows our commitment to a sustainable society,” said Mr. Fumitaka Kawashima, President of Toyota Indonesia. shown in the event.Similar pattern Toyota bZ4X pure electric SUV sold in Indonesia, the Lexus RZ is also developed on the basis of the e-TNGA platform. Toyota Indonesia confirmed that although using the same platform, the Lexus RZ is a completely different product from the bZ4X. This is reflected in the electric motor, powertrain and driving feel of the Lexus RZ.The luxury pure-electric SUV of the Lexus brand is equipped with 2 electric motors integrated into the front and rear axles, producing a total capacity of 308 horsepower and maximum torque of 435 Nm. Besides, there is a battery pack with a capacity of 71.4 kWh, providing a travel distance of 310 km after a full charge of the battery. With the fast charger, the battery charge time for the car only stops at 28 minutes.As the commercial version of the Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept car, this all-electric SUV has an impressive appearance. Electric Lexus RZ no grille. However, the center area of ​​the front of the car is still shaped like the signature spindle grille of the Lexus brand.Besides, there are sharp LED headlights, integrated with the familiar “L”-shaped daytime positioning LED strip. In addition, on the front of the car there are vertical air vents at two corners, a wide central air cavity and a diffuser under the front bumper. Behind, this luxury SUV is equipped with “L”-shaped LED taillights. Lying across the rear of the car is a thin strip of lights and a glossy black brace, integrated with the “Lexus” braille stamp.In addition, there are 2 small roof spoilers, air vents at the rear corners of the car and glossy black panels on the rear bumper. Inside the RZ is an interior space designed with the theme of “Tazuna”, which means “bridle”, similar to many other new Lexus models such as the NX or RX. Therefore, the details in the cockpit are directed towards the operator.The highlight of the interior lies in electronic steering technology. According to Lexus, this technology reduces the load on the driver, allowing the driver to not have to manually turn the steering wheel when approaching an intersection, turning or parking.And yet, inside this luxury SUV model also has a digital dashboard, 14-inch central touch screen, gearshift knob, electric door opening / closing system, Ultrasuede suede seats and windows. Panorama panorama has anti-glare feature.Finally, there are safety technologies included in the Lexus Safety System+ package such as active steering assist, early collision avoidance, cruise control at all speed ranges, lane departure warning, automatic throttle at low speeds. , remote parking and alerts when the driver loses focus. Currently, Lexus has not announced the time to sell RZ to the Indonesian market and the price of this luxury pure-electric SUV.The RZ is part of the Lexus brand’s plan to electrify the product line. According to the plan, by 2030, Lexus will stop selling cars with conventional internal combustion engines. Five years later, Lexus will continue to phase out all hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.Video: Detailed introduction of electric SUV Lexus RZ 2023.

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