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LG announces the integration of GeForce Now in its TVs. A great first which should quickly be followed.

LG is the first TV maker to integrate NVIDIA GeForce Now cloud gaming service directly into its webOS TVs. This is only the beginning of this adventure, no doubt that many other manufacturers will quickly follow suit.

If you are unfamiliar with GeForce Now, be aware that it is a cloud-based video game service. The games are run on powerful remote servers, with great graphics capabilities, in particular, and the video stream and returned to the client, whether it is a laptop, tablet, smartphone or, in the case that interests us today, a television set.

Since games are run on the NVIDIA cloud, there is no need for a powerful and expensive machine. You pay a monthly subscription to enjoy a good video game experience. If you’ve been following LG news in recent years, you also know that the brand’s OLED TVs are among the best for gaming. LG has been actively working with NVIDIA for G-Sync technology and gamers around the world are more than happy to play LG OLED TVs.

Integrating GeForce Now will allow LG to penetrate the video game market even further. The benefits of NVIDIA’s service are already numerous “” including the simple fact of not having to invest in a complete machine “” and the current period, with many shortages of components, clearly does not help.

Note, LG does not provide an exhaustive list of compatible TVs, but the GeForce Now app is already available on the LG Content Store on some devices. More than 35 games are already accessible, including Rocket League, Destiny 2 or again Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy et Crysis Remastered Trilogy, tous en 1080p et à  60 fps.

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