LG’s new 85-inch TV enlivens the 2022 Jakarta Fair


LG Electronics Indonesia officially released TV QNED Mini LED. This brand-new 85-inch TV was immediately brought to the Jakarta Fair 2022 event.

This TV combines technology Quantum Dot NanoCell and Mini LED. While the Quantum Dot NanoCell gives it an edge in color reproduction, the application of Mini LED is able to give it more detail and more precise color control.

This is because the smaller size – 1/40 compared to LED lamps – allows not only the density between the LED lamps as a backlight, but also an increase in the number of around 30,000 mini LEDs. From the test results, the LG QNED Mini LED TV is able to present 100 percent of the color spectrum volume (Color Gamut Volume / CGV) in the DCI-P3 color space.

“The greater number and tightness of the application of mini LEDs as backlighting is enjoyed by the owner as brilliant colors in more detail thanks to the ability to adjust the lighting control more precisely,” explained Hoony Bae, Product Director of Home Entertainment PT. LG Electronics Indonesia.

LG has also invested in its new TV with the (Alpha) 7 Gen 5 Intelligent Processor. In addition to working on the visual side with an increase in the quality of the smallest details in each impression, this processor from LG also has a special task of ensuring that the audio output is rich in various sounds to the ears of the audience.

The QNED Mini LED TV also brings various technologies that were previously introduced as part of LG’s premium TVs, such as Dolby Laboratories, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. This TV also brings the Sport Alert feature to provide a unique touch to ensure users don’t miss the various actions of their favorite team.

LG QNED Mini LED TV Photo: LG Malaysia

Gamers are given the Game Optimizer feature. When enabling this feature, the TV will apply the best picture settings to suit the game genre such as first-person shooter, role-playing or real-time strategy.

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Complementing all the convenience of use, LG implements the latest version of the webOS operating system. This operating system offers an interface that provides faster access to applications, simpler content discovery and provides recommendations with personalized results according to the user.

Don’t miss the Magic Remote with a new design. This remote now has special hot keys for popular content providers that allow users to switch to their favorite services with the push of a button.

In addition to the 85 inch size, QNED Mini LED TV comes in 50 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch size variants.

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