LG’s new line of TVs invades Indonesia


LG will bring its premium class TV line to Indonesia. Don’t just rely on OLED TV which is the highest caste in the premium class, this South Korea-based company will bring QNED Mini LED TV latest.

LG’s newest OLED TV and QNED Mini LED TV are supported webOS 22. Offers a variety of personalization, including the option to create a different profile for each family member. With this option, each family member can set their own viewing experience and make it easier to access a range of applications and content services according to the previous settings.

Not only that, the platform webOS 22 also provides a new experience with various features such as NFC Magic Tap which makes it easy to mirror the impressions on the smartphone screen to the TV screen as well as the Room To Room Share option. This option allows users to mirror content from cable TV or satellite to another TV screen with Wi-Fi. While the Always Ready feature turns the TV screen into a media display when not in use.


To culminate in its premium collection this year, the company is bringing development to the OLED Evo series. Introduced for the first time last year, this series has a thin physical characteristic that makes it seem like it sticks without a distance from the wall.

LG’s 2022 generation of OLED Evos includes the G2 series also known as the OLED Evo Gallery Edition and the C2 series. The specialty of these two televisions is the Brightness Booster Max feature on the G2 series and Brightness Booster on the C2.

The existence of the brightness-enhancing feature in both of these cannot be separated from the application of the latest LG 9 Gen 5 intelligent processor. Boasting the latest deep-learning algorithms, this smart processor delivers major visual and auditory improvements.

From the visual side, for example, in addition to images that are more nuanced in three dimensions, the presence of the Dynamic Tone-mapping Pro Algorithm with the ability to process 5,000 point areas on the screen individually provides an increase in the detail of image reproduction.

“Even on the sound side, this latest processor provides an increase in audio quality,” said Hoony Bae, Product Director of Home Entertainment.

Among them through the AI ​​Sound Pro feature. Enabling this feature makes the speakers integrated on the TV capable of playing sound in a 7.1.2 surround sound.

LG is also collaborating with Dolby Vision IQ technology. As Dolby’s latest innovative technology, it provides more vibrant images with greater depth and texture dimensions.



The appeal of the LG QNED Mini LED TV is in its rich colors with higher accuracy, it has been certified by Intertek for its ability to present colors with volume and consistency reaching 100%.

It is the Precision Dimming technology that LG has attached to QNED TVs that makes this possible. With an array of about 30,000 Mini LEDs measuring 1/40th of conventional LEDs and thousands of local dimming zones, the LG QNED Mini LED TV is able to control brightness levels to make each scene feel more realistic.

The LG QNED Mini LED TV series in 2022 will be available in a wider range of screen landscapes. Starting from the largest with a screen span of 86 inches, 75 inches, 65 inches and 55 inches.

“This choice of screen landscape provides greater opportunities for fans to continue to get cinematic quality viewing from LG’s QNED TV technology that fits the placement space,” said Hoony Bae.

LG is also paying attention to the development of TV as a display medium for gaming needs. This is done by setting up support for various features of HDMI 2.1. As well as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

“The new OLED and QNED Mini LED TVs will soon be available in various electronics stores and online sales networks,” said Hoony Bae.

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