LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse: Carole Delga denounces “small egoisms” after the words of the mayor of Bordeaux

the essential
Carole Delga “reaffirms with force that, like the new line between Montpellier and Perpignan, this LGV Toulouse-Bordeaux is essential for our country”.

When it comes to the LGV, the president of the Occitanie Region does not mince words. The day after the speech of Pierre Hurmic, mayor (EELV) of Bordeaux, who denounced a “senseless and anachronistic project”, Carole Delga wished to recall her commitment in favor of LGV Toulouse-Bordeaux and Montpellier-Perpignan.

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“I speak on behalf of the 60% of French women and men who are today more than 4 hours by train from Paris and there is a real injustice and unacceptable territorial inequality. I therefore stand up against petty selfishness because that it is easy to talk when you are 2 hours from Paris, and to explain to millions of French people that they do not need to be connected to others and close to the capital. more irresponsible than with other communities in Occitania, we have funded the TGV Tours-Bordeaux line to the tune of € 300 million! ”, she said on Friday 29 October.

The day before, Pierre Hurmic had declared that “everything had to be done to stop this project”, during a press conference, after the launch of a call for the examination of alternative solutions, in particular the improvement of existing tracks.

“Fallacious shortcuts”

What the president of the Occitanie Region considers to be “fallacious shortcuts”: “It is completely inconsistent with the desire to develop daily trains because today the Montauban-Toulouse line is completely saturated and we cannot even not add an additional train “.

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“We need a high-speed line to be connected to Paris and internationally, but we also need a high-speed line to develop daily trains and the RER north of Toulouse. It is this same need – to enable more inhabitants to take the train instead of the car – which pushes us to act quickly and strongly on the coast, between Montpellier and Perpignan “, she adds.

“A child who already has his toy”

Asked this Friday by our colleagues from France Bleu Gironde, Christophe Castaner also reacted to the words of the mayor of Bordeaux. The leader LREM said he was “shocked”, believing that Pierre Hurmic “behaves[ait] like a child who already has his toy: the TGV which comes to Bordeaux and who judges that for Toulouse and for access to Spain, it is not interesting “. An approach that he judges as” not being not responsible “:” This is the problem with the representatives of EELV, they always seek to oppose the solutions to each other “.

The State has pledged to pay 4.1 billion euros, or about 40% of the total cost. The communities, regions, departments and agglomerations of Occitanie and New Aquitaine – should share the funding of 40% and the remaining 20% ​​should be supplemented by European funds, according to the project leaders.

Occitanie announced at the end of September that an agreement had been reached between communities for its part in this project aimed at connecting Paris and Toulouse in just over 3 hours, against 4:20 today.

The “minority” mayor of Bordeaux

The scenario seems less clear in New Aquitaine. Of the four departments concerned, Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Landes, only the latter is clearly in favor.

However, according to the mayor of Toulouse, “things have been moving for two weeks in Nouvelle-Aquitaine” in a more favorable direction for the LGV, while “the mayor of Bordeaux is in a very small minority”.

“In the Council of the Bordeaux metropolis, there is a majority for the LGV,” said Mr. Moudenc, who “asks his friends from the right and the center to be in solidarity” with the president of this metropolis, Alain Anziani (PS), “at the time of the vote on this file”.
At the level of the Bordeaux metropolis (majority PS / EELV), Pierre Hurmic, first vice-president, and Alain Anziani, president, are in disagreement on the destination of 320 million euros to finance the “railway developments of the south of Bordeaux” (about 10 km). The ecologist categorically refuses that they are used for the LGV.