L'hurricane Ophelia s'approach of the european coast

L'hurricane Ophelia s'approach of the european coast

U n category 1 storm, is currently on the side of the Azores, headed for the shores of europe. The phenomenon is examined by the forecasters.

Ophelia, the storm turned into a hurricane classified as a category 1, is currently heading to Europe. Forecasters are watching this weather phenomenon exceptional, positioned this Thursday at the south of the Azores. He was baptized Ophelia by the National Hurricane Center of Miami in the United States. It has also been classified as a category 1 on 5.

After the damage of colossal damage caused by the hurricane Irma the west Indies and in Florida, the prospect of approaching a hurricane of the coast of europe is not reassuring. It would seem, however, that its damaging winds (above 150 km/h) do not affect Britain, but Ireland, according to Meteo France. He should first go back along the coast of Portugal and France.

“The cyclone remains close eye on”, conceded, however, Michel Aïdonidis, head of the weather centre of Guipavas in Brittany. The consequences could even be positive since the hurricane will take in the wake of the hot air which warms Britain.

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