Li Dongxu’s “Nine Tailed Fox 2” confirmed production! Kim So Yeon is expected to become the new heroine? A new combination and a new atmosphere, but the fans of the drama shouted “not yet”? | Marie Claire

The fantasy drama “The Legend of Nine Tailed Fox” starring Lee Dong Wook, Cao Bao’er and Jin Fan has been sought after by many fans. Earlier, the news that “The Legend of Nine Tailed Fox 2” confirmed the production was very much anticipated.

“Nine-Tailed Fox 2” In addition to Cao Boer, Lee Dong-wook and Kim Fan will return. The story will return to the past, focusing on the story of the Japanese occupation period and the Joseon era, and will return with a fantasy look in ancient costumes.

Li Dongxu’s “Nine Tailed Fox 2” confirmed production!

Recently, according to Korean media reports, Kim So-yeon, who has gained high popularity for “Upper War” and won the appreciation of Baeksang Art, received a proposal from the heroine of “Nine Tailed Fox 2” and is expected to become a member of the new lineup. Add brilliance, but there are mixed reviews on the Internet?

Kim So Yeon is expected to join
Kim So Yeon is expected to join “Nine Tailed Fox 2”?

Positive reviews say that Kim So-yeon’s beauty is very suitable for costumes, and there will definitely be unexpected surprises. It is even said that Kim So-yeon is the incarnation of the nine-tailed fox (the nine-tailed fox is famous for its beauty). The negative suggestion is that there seems to be better themes waiting for Kim So-yeon. The first season of “Nine Tails of the Fox” had a high and low level of discussion. Kim So-yeon’s role in this play is a little too talented, plus because she is a big hero. The performance of female characters is relatively low. In addition, it is also said that the CP connection with Lee Dong Wook is relatively low, and it is impossible to imagine what it will be like when the two are acting in a love scene?

Li Dongxu's
Li Dongxu’s “Nine Tailed Fox 2” confirmed production! Kim So Yeon is expected to become the new heroine?

Kim So-yeon’s exquisite and dedicated acting skills made her use the heroine of the dog-blood drama genre to win the Baeksang Art Award, which is really not easy. Because “Upper War” is not a type that pleases Baixiang’s review. However, as soon as the news came out, the agency showed that “Nine Tailed Fox 2” was just one of the scripts invited, and it was totally unsure whether it would be performed or not. Would you like to see Lee Dong Wook or Kim So Yeon in collaboration with Kim Pan? Just wait for the follow-up confirmation to be announced.

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