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The 70-year-old “Old Opera Bone” Li Liqun has been living in Shanghai in recent years. Unexpectedly, the local epidemic situation has increased. Shanghai has been closed for nearly 2 months. Recently, the semi-opening has finally begun, which makes Li Liqun also relax, and predicts that he will return to Taiwan after retirement. . Recently, he posted photos of the interior of his Shanghai mansion on social networking sites. Many people may think that he is rich, but he said that the house was bought 20 years ago, “It’s not rare at all, I’m not rich at all. “.

Li Liqun recently made a video to share the interior of his mansion in Lujiazui. It can be seen that the table where he eats is messy, and there are cardboard boxes and wine bottles on the ground around him. Zhang chair is where he usually smokes. From the outside, you can see the landmarks of Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Center, Jin Mao Tower, commonly known as the three major pieces, and the location is excellent.

Li Liqun shared the interior of the Shanghai mansion. (Picture / flip from the second shot)

Li Liqun laughs at himself, many people may exclaim how he is so rich and live in such a good place when they see this place, but he said, “Don’t think like that, it’s not uncommon at all, I’m not rich at all, my age Older people have been working for a long time. Isn’t the money you save just to buy a house?” He revealed that the house was bought in 2002, and it has been 20 years since then. It has been down for more than 8 months, and it’s all reports from professional malls, not nonsense.” He also emphasized: “Nothing, real estate all over the world has its ups and downs.” He asked experts about the ups and downs of real estate. How long, the other party answered about 12 years.

From the balcony of Li Liqun's house, you can see Shanghai landmarks.  (Picture / flip from the second shot)
From the balcony of Li Liqun’s house, you can see Shanghai landmarks. (Picture / flip from the second shot)

Li Liqun reluctantly said that he actually didn’t know what he meant by “rising” for 12 years, or “falling” for 12 years, or a “up and down” requiring 12 years. He pointed out that if he wanted to live in a big house, he had lived in a big house since he was a child. The house is big, and the house in the countryside was also big when I was a child, and I couldn’t afford to live in a brick house when I was a child. Now, it’s normal to have a little savings”, “In 20 years, the house price has risen more than 10 times, haha”, “From 2002 to the present, it is not a good real estate investment to only increase 10 times in the first-tier cities”, “Li Liqun said that he did not own A rich man, it depends on who he is compared with. Compared with ordinary office workers, he must be considered rich; but compared with other celebrities in the circle, he is not really rich.”

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