Li Ming explained why Guoan did not choose a foreign coach: there is a risk that the epidemic may affect preparations jqknews

Original title: Li Ming explained why Guoan did not choose a foreign coach: there is a risk that the epidemic may affect preparations for war

Beijing time on January 16 news, a few days ago, Beijing Guoan officially announced the return of Xie Feng as head coach. After that, the club’s general manager Li Ming also accepted an interview with Beijing Sports Broadcasting. In the interview, Li Ming also revealed why Guoan Xie Feng was selected as the head coach.

Li Ming said in the interview that Guoan confirmed Xie Feng’s return as soon as possible, he said: “Because Bilic did not disclose his plans to the club in advance, he left the league for family reasons, so we There is no more time for coach selection. We collected some coaches in the first place. Here are the information of foreign teachers and Chinese coaches, but we also analyzed the current situation. As the head coach, Xie Feng is currently the most suitable. candidate.”

“Because Xie Feng is a very good local coach, and he has experience in Beijing Guoan from player to coach. He has a good character and strong comprehensive ability. They are more familiar with the training, and it is more beneficial for the team to complete the preparations for the new season earlier.”

Li Ming also gave an explanation for why he did not choose a foreign teacher in the end. He said: “We have also made some analysis on hiring foreign teachers. Under the current circumstances, there is still a certain risk in choosing a foreign teacher. We also consider the possibility of choosing a foreign teacher at present. It will affect the team’s preparations, because in recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the team has not been able to enter the preparation state earlier due to the problem of entry and exit, and now it is also the first time to officially announce the guidance of Xie Feng. As the head coach of the Beijing Guoan team, we will devote ourselves to the team’s preparations earlier this year, and lay the foundation for this year’s good results.”

“Guo Xie Feng has always been committed to cultivating young players, and he is also a coach who is familiar with Guoan. He also hopes that under the framework of the main force in the new season, we can train more young players, so that the Guoan team will continue to be competitive in the future.”

It is reported that Xie Feng will build his own coaching team as soon as he takes office, and formulate a new winter training preparation plan for the team. After the Spring Festival, the team will go to Shanghai for the first stage of winter training. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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