Liao Junpeng, after 40 years of violation, reunited and praised the golden combination on the Internet… but he was so angry about this incident | Entertainment | CTWANT

69-year-old veteran artist Liao Jun suffered a second stroke four years ago. After being rushed to the hospital, he saved his life, but his language ability has been affected. Later, under active rehabilitation and treatment, he gradually returned to his favorite performance stage. The old partner “Peng Peng” sang together, surprising the fans. However, Liao Jun’s son, Liao Jinde, burst into anger because of “one incident” and revealed his father’s current situation on Facebook.

The Facebook fan album “Liao Jun/Jin De” jointly run by Liao Jun and his son Liao Jinde shared a video of Liao Jun and Peng Peng getting together yesterday (9th). Jutai’s Japanese lyrics, although in some difficult places can be heard that he sings a little hard, but it is enough to show the effect of the sword and the rehabilitation, so that Peng Peng sitting on the side cheers happily: “It’s back, it’s great Oh!” Liao Jun let out a shy smile.

(Photo / Retrieved from the Facebook fan page “Liao Jun / Jin De”)

Peng Peng also comforted Liao Jun, who once forgot his words, saying, “Forget it, forget it, don’t be nervous”, making the audience seem to return to the old time when the two complained about each other. However, Liao Jun’s son Liao Jinde was dissatisfied because some media said “Liao Jun’s body is not suitable for filming”, and clarified on Facebook, “Please, don’t say it as if his life was planned by me, there are still many crews waiting for him. “Returning”, he said: “I have explained this matter countless times, I mean like the past, I stay up all night every day, and it may not be suitable for a series that cannot rest for a long time. I didn’t say that he is not suitable for filming!”

In fact, Liao Jun and Peng Peng can be called one of the “ancestors of Taiwan’s talk show”. And when Peng Peng sang together with Liao Jun yesterday, he also praised Liao Jun as “great and has made progress”. It seems that this is not the first time that he has sung together with Liao Jun after a second stroke.