Liaoning women’s basketball team returns to WCBA for Sichuan Han Qingling as head coach_regular season

Original title: Liaoning women’s basketball team returns to WCBA and goes to Sichuan Han Qingling as head coach

At 10:10 this morning, the soldiers of the Liaoning Hengrun Flying Leopard Basketball Club Liaoning Hengye Team who participated in the new season of WCBA will take a bus to Shenyang Taoji International Airport. They will take Air China Flight CA4186 from Shenyang to Chengdu, Sichuan to participate The 2021-2022 season WCBA league training and testing will be held at the National Basketball Sichuan Jinqiang Sports Training Base from October 31st to November 11th, 2021. After that, the WCBA league will also start here with a competition system.

The Liaoning Hengye Women’s Basketball Team includes: Team Leader: Liu Donglai, Head Coach: Han Qingling, Assistant Coach: Cheng Feng, Physical Coach: Zhang Yibo; Players (15): Chen Lishu, Wang Qiuyi, Xing Jinbo, Liang Jiamei, Zhang Dongxue, Hu Yueming, Ge Yifei, Sun Mengzhu, Zheng Yuetong, Li Yumeng, Li Zhijia, Sun Chaoyue, Sun Xueming, Wang Yan. (Among them, Zheng Yuetong and Li Zhijia depart tomorrow for some reason)

There are 18 teams participating in the WCBA league this season, divided into regular season and playoffs. The first stage of the regular season (November 14 to December 18) adopts a single round robin system; the second stage of the regular season (December 20 to December 21): The top 4 teams in the first stage of the regular season will directly Promote to the playoffs; teams ranked 5-12 in cross-elimination (5-12, 6-11, 7-10, 8-9), a game-winning system, the winning 4 teams enter the playoffs.

A total of 8 teams will enter the playoffs. The playoffs (December 25-January 4) will be divided into three stages. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will be eliminated in a single game, and the winner will advance; The finals will be a three-game two-win system, and the top ranked teams in the regular season will have an extra home team opportunity during the qualifying.

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