Liberal MP Anthony Rota is re-elected Speaker of the House of Commons

Liberal MP Anthony Rota was elected Speaker of the House of Commons for the second time in his career on Monday afternoon.

The choice of the president by elected officials marks the opening of the new parliamentary session, which takes place just over two months after the federal election on September 20.

Mr. Rota was first elected MP with Paul Martin’s Liberal Party of Canada in 2004. In 2011, he was ousted by a Conservative, the year the Conservative Party won a majority. He returned to the House of Commons in 2015, before being appointed Speaker for the first time in 2019.

The elected Nipissing — Timiskaming faced five other candidates, including the Liberal Alexandra Mendès, elected in Brossard – Saint-Lambert. Former Greens chief Elizabeth May also ran for the presidency.

In a brief speech before the secret ballot was held by the deputies, Mr. Rota pleaded that it was “essential that the Speaker of the House be able to express himself effortlessly, in French and in English”.

“Learning a language is very important. But the secret to understanding a people is to live its culture, and to understand what it is to live it on a daily basis, ”he told his colleagues.

After his election, Mr. Rota quoted the lyrics from one of his “favorite songs”: The staircase, by Paul Piché.

«Worse children, it’s not really, really mean

It can hurt, hurt from time to time

It can spit, it can lie, it can fly

Basically, it can do whatever we teach them»

He invited his colleagues to “think” of those words when they speak in the House, hoping that decency remains in order as Canadians follow their example from their elected officials through their screens.