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The library of the University of the Andes It would soon become part of the District Network of Public Libraries of Bogotá, according to the rector of this institution, Alejandro Gaviria.

It is one of the most important book collections in the city and, if its transformation were to take place, it would go on to accompany others such as Luis Ángel Arango, Virgilio Barco, El Tintal, among others the so-called BibloRed.

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This was announced by Gaviria in the middle of a conversation he had with the mayor Claudia lopez and the city’s secretary of culture, Nicolás Montero.

“We are going to work with the Secretary of Culture of the District so that the library of the University of Los Andes becomes a public library, so that the entire community can access it,” said the rector of Los Andes.

Gaviria also stressed that it is expected to make the library available to the community in the shortest possible time and that, with this, it is expected to encourage reading in Bogota: “It is a small way to find that these resources, books, reading , are available to more people ”.

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For her part, Mayor López applauded the initiative and pointed out that “an act like this of making the universe of books available to the public that the university is going to change the lives of many young people, boys and girls in Bogotá.”

Currently, BibloRed has 23 public libraries throughout the city, as well as 12 biblio stations in Transmilenio, 91 book stops in public parks, plus a mobile library.



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