Lidia Buble posted on the internet the pictures with her and Cornel Ilie from Vunk. “I think Răzvan is crying”

The whole internet erupted at the sight of the images in which Lidia Buble and Cornel Ilie from Vunk are together. Although the video of the latest collaboration between the two artists is being filmed, many fans have speculated that there is something more than a relationship between professionals. And the puzzle pieces discovered by the fans, put together, leave room for more.

Lidia Buble and Cornel Ilie, a unique situation: “I came to stay”

The two artists filmed a clip of the new song “Come / Go” and left room for many performances. Lydia’s fans could also see some behind-the-scenes images, after the artist shared a unique exchange of lines between her and Cornel Ilie. Although the two singers are professionals, the dialogue captured on camera shows that it could be more than a collaboration.

As Lidia Buble jumped on Cornel de Vunk’s neck, he reacted by saying, “What are you doing, woman?” The artist’s answer did not take long to appear, Lidia giving her the reply “Good! Okay, men! Are you coming or going? ” and continuing the joke. However, it was Cornel’s reply that made the fans think: “I have come to stay”.

Although it is very possible that this is the role of the two artists in the clip and the song, many hastened to speculate that Lidia and Cornel would be together. Also, the internet users’ comments did not take long to appear, some of them even referring to Lydia’s ex-boyfriend, Răzvan Simion.

“Dude, you’re kind of close. Not that you feel bad, you’re really cool together! ”

“I think that’s why she divorced in early September.”

“Răzvan cries if he hears :))”

“I’m sure the video will be great, as will the song, Lidia!”

“Congratulations, Lydia, may the good God give you much health and happiness”

Lidia Buble and Cornel Ilie, embracing, during the filming of the video for the song Vino / Du-te

Lidia Buble and Cornel Ilie, embracing, during the filming of the video for the song Vino / Du-te

Lidia is a single woman, Cornel Ilie has been divorced for a month

While the artist and presenter from Neatza said goodbye for months, after a five-year relationship, Cornel also became a free man. As in the case of Lydia, the lead singer of the band Vunk announced through social networks that she is divorcing. Cornel Ilie and Eliza, who gave him two children, are no longer a couple.

From “Story” remained “News”: Over time, people have made the term “divorce” take on a destructive, fatalistic air, so I will put it differently: Eliza and I are no longer a couple . We learned a lot together, we learned even more about ourselves and especially about life. We became stronger and braver, one by one. So this is the only time we will say anything about this subject. Thank you for understanding this choice. There is love after love. The photo was taken today, a little earlier “, Cornel Ilie announced the parting a few weeks ago.

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