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Lidl Brings Hyped Beyond Meat Burger to Germany – Business

  • The veggie burgers of the US company Beyond Meat are now coming to Germany at the end of May.
  • The discounter Lidl has secured the exclusive right to sell the patties – but "only while stocks last".

Some vegetarians and vegans may have been waiting for this news, especially those who have recently returned from a trip to the United States. The world's currently most sophisticated burger comes to Germany: the patty from the company Beyond Meat, which has only two weeks since the most successful IPO of a US company since 2008. No, not the mobility visionary Uber or the picture network Pinterest, but a meat substitute company.

After the start of the vegan Burgers had to be postponed again and again in this country, because the company did not come with the production in the US, Lidl has now secured the exclusive rights to start. From the end of May, it will be possible to buy the vegetable patties in all 3200 branches of the group – even though initially only as an "action" and "while stocks last".

Beyond Meat makes a loss – investors love the start-up anyway

So far, it has been relatively difficult for German customers to get to the citizens. They were only sold in selected restaurants, as well as at the wholesaler Metro. Private customers could order them only via the app Getnow – for € 35.90 the ten-pack. At Lidl the patties are to be offered for five euros in a double pack.

But what's so special about the veggie burger that Americans in exile are letting it chase after and investors are crazy about the stock? Like other producers, Beyond Meat wants to bring the meat alternative as close to the original in terms of taste, smell, appearance and consistency as possible – and apparently does the best by far.

The base of the patty consists of pea proteins, a smoky aroma provides the typical fleshy taste and even beetroot is included – for the "bloody look". Beyond Meat is still not profitable – like most young companies. In 2018, the company made $ 30 million loss. Prominent investors such as Bill Gates or Leonardo Di Caprio are already fans – and the meat replacement trend is just beginning.

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