Liège: discovery of the Hotel Torrentius and immersion in the work of the architect Charles Vandenhove

Today, the Hotel Torrentius is no longer this center of creation, but the Jeanne & Charles Vandenhove Foundation has projects for it. “Charles Vandenhove’s ambition was to make plans.”relève Prudent De Wispelaere, “This idea stayed with us, saying that the foundation should not become a dusty place but, on the contrary, something alive which, with the universe of Charles Vandenhove, serves as a catalyst, an inspiration, for a whole series new generations of researchers, students, visual artists, lecturers and that this whole universe can also be accessible to a wider public.As such, the event “The dream of Torrentius” is extremely important because it shows a Charles Vandenhove than the people of Liège.”

This first opening of the doors of the Hotel Torrentius to the public will therefore not be the last. “It is obviously the hope that we caress.”, confirme Prudent De Wispelaere.

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