Liepajas Coffee Factory: we produce 200 tons of coffee per month

Photo by Liepaja Coffee Factory

Liepaja Coffee Factory, a soluble and ground coffee factory built in Latvia for five decades, is planning to increase its production of coffee beans.

The company, which employs 25 people, produces about 200 tonnes of coffee a month. 2021 The company’s turnover amounted to 1.205 million. Eur. New technologies and new products are being invested in.

Liepaja Coffee Factory roasts coffee beans, produces various ground and instant coffees. About 30% 40% of the finished product is sold locally, the rest is exported to the Baltic States and neighboring Europe. One of the largest exports of products is Ukraine. Roasted and ground coffee is sold with private labels in Liepaja.

We plan to increase the production and sales of coffee beans in the future, as such coffee is in increasing demand, quotes Mihaels Bures, sales manager.

The factory buys alias coffee beans in Brazil, India, Nicaragua, Hondre. At present, the consignments are delivered to the port of Riga, but since container-type cargo is now also loaded in the port of Liepaja, the possibility of using the services of the local port is being considered.

factory-harvested beans are tested, roasted and ground according to a specific recipe. Part of the ground coffee is processed using special technology and the obtained coffee extract is converted into soluble coffee in a dew tower more than 20 m high.

The sales manager of the Liepaja coffee factory says that although the production of many new products has started, the recipe for instant coffee in Liepaja does not change.

alias coffee beans are carefully selected according to the recipe. We are not changing the roasting or production technology, M. Bures assures.

Liepaja Coffee Factory 1972 kr Liepaja Sugar Factory. Later, the factory was reorganized into a separate company, which in 2013. was acquired by Rietumu Investment Group and it became a joint venture between Ukraine and England.

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