Lies of P: Souls-like game for 40 minutes

Having definitely seduced the hearts of gamers during Gamescom 2022, Lies of P returns today with a great gameplay video of around 40 minutes.

For several years now, Souls-like experiences have been gaining ground on the video game horizon. The success of Elden Ring earlier in the year is proof of that, as is the positive feedback Steelrising has received since its release last week. And let’s not forget Lies of P, a Souls-type game developed by Round 8 Studio, which will surely seduce the public thanks to its atypical universe inspired by the tale of Pinocchio.

40 minutes of play for Lies of P

Having won no less than three awards at the Gamescom Award Show 2022, the game was without a doubt one of the great stars of the German fair this year. And in case our trailer has you wanting to know more about it, you’ll be pleased to know that the studio just released almost 40 minutes of gameplay from Lies of P. On the agenda: a good dose of immersion in this unforgiving world, and obviously a lot of combat.

As mentioned in our preview, you will notice that the structure of the game is not different from that of BloodborneEither because of its aesthetics or because of some of its game mechanics. The video, divided into two parts, will allow you to discover two boss fights. In a reminder way, P’s lies are expected in 2023 en PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S y PC.