Liestal expects further indebtedness in the 2022 budget

The city council of Liestal expects a loss of 4.7 million francs for the coming year. Liestal also had to borrow around 10 million francs to cover the planned investments.

In its announcement on Friday, the city council of Liestal painted a bleak picture: In the 2022 budget, a deficit of 4.7 million francs is expected at an expense of around 53 million francs. “There is even a lack of funds to cover the current budget,” the message said.

Investments of 7.7 million francs are planned for Liestal. But even the investments could only be financed if the city borrowed two million francs.

Overall, Liestal would be “heavily in debt”, summed up the city council. The city will have to raise 9.7 million francs in debt next year. This increases the “mountain of debt” to 64.8 million francs.

The city council sees less the corona crisis as the main reason for the poor starting position than the effect of the cantonal tax proposal 17, which will lower taxes for companies in 2023. Specifically, Liestal only expects corporate taxes of 3.5 million francs, in the 2019 bill it was 6.1 million.

According to the notification, contributions are also missing. For example, the canton of Basel-Landschaft has “promised” compensation through the financial equalization, which will, however, still “not be realized”.

According to the announcement, the costs for social assistance and asylum will decrease slightly in the coming year.

The city council has carried out a task review and some measures still have to be approved by the Liestal residents’ council. But even with this, the budget could only be improved by 0.6 million francs.

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