The most famous television song contest started on September 14 in a new format. Performers of a very mature age are now participating in competitions – those who are over 60 years old.
The original program The Voice Senior, which created the Russian project, began to air in the Netherlands a little earlier – in August. In the domestic adaptation of the tutors of the season were, as EG.RU told earlier, Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Valery Meladze. For the first time decided to test himself in this role and the famous singer Lev Leshchenko.
The program's host, Dmitri Nagiyev, began the first issue with heartfelt words: "They once put off their dreams. They did what was needed, not what they wanted. They gave us our past, it was our time to give them the future. "
Despite the fact that the age of the show's participants at this time can be said to be profoundly "zapensionny", the atmosphere in the studio was very incendiary. The first audition participant, 64-year-old Sergey Kurzanov, lit the auditorium in the rhythm of rock'n'roll. The jury was delighted with the song "Johnny B. Goode" in his performance. When asked by the jury when he began to sing rock'n'roll, Sergei answered honestly: from the "Tachanka", which he listened to on his grandmother's gramophone.

"Life in 60 years is just beginning," says the contestant from Saratov, 67-year-old English teacher Natalya Spivak. which is unusually heartfelt sang I Wish I Knew Harry Warren. "Delightful!" – exclaimed Pelagia.
Once a builder from Vladivostok, 60-year-old Oleg Pastukhov dreamed of studying in Gnesinka. However, in my youth this did not work out. But the need to sing with him was preserved for life. When Lev Leshchenko heard "Evening Bells" in his performance, he hardly doubted that before them was a professional opera tenor.
The next participant of the program, 71-year-old Raisa Abdukhanova, surprised the jury by singing "Do not go, I beg you" tango, accompanying myself on an accordion, which in 1939 was performed by the famous Vadim Kozin.
It was not even very surprising to see 80-year-old Muscovite Evgeny Strugalsky on stage, in an ordinary life – an electromechanic. To perform in the contest, he chose the song "You and My Guitar" by Pyotr Leshchenko. Leo Leshchenko's performance of Eugene reminded of Vertinsky. "Women's hearts were all on the spot," said the singer.
Zad Eugene applauded standing up. And even in great delight came the audience, when his family took to the stage, that all together to execute "The driver" Leonid Utesov.
63-year-old jazz musician Sergei Manukyan, who performed the song "Can not Buy Me Love", as all the jury members knew. It took him a few seconds, so that all the mentors understood that he is a talent with a capital letter. Sergey chose Valery Meladze as his mentor.

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