Life is Strange: True Colors – Video shows real sources of inspiration for the fictional setting Haven Springs – ntower

While owners of a Nintendo Switch For a few weeks now, players have been allowed to enter the emotional world of, away from Nintendo’s hybrid console, waiting patiently Life is Strange: True Colors submerge. In the latest adventure, you will accompany the extraordinarily empathetic Alex Chen through her new phase of life in the remote small town of Haven Springs. Although the setting is pure fiction, a very specific location was the model for the idyllic game world – the small mountain town Idaho Springs in Colorado. In a recently published video, the producer takes you Rebeccah Bassell and her dog Toffee with me in that little village and show you some scenes that have made it into the game in a modified form. You can find the cut-out below.

Are you already playing Life is Strange: True Colors or are you waiting for the version for the Nintendo Switch?

YouTube (Life is Strange)


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