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Recently, the Korean drama “Life Victory Group” (original name: Golden Spoon) starring Lu Xingcai is currently on the air. Although he plays the role of “Soil Spoon” from a poor background, he is a rich second generation!The editor will take stock of a few surprising “golden spoon” artists in the Korean entertainment industry. Some of them are green-leaf actors that are common in Korean dramas, and some are comedians. They are really hidden.XD

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Lu Xingcai recently played the role of Li Chengtian, a student born in poverty in the hit drama. Relying on a fantastic “golden spoon”, he actually swapped identities with Huang Taiyong, a rich second-generation classmate.In fact, Lu Xingcai’s own family background is not ordinary. He once revealed in some variety shows that his father is a semiconductor company.CEOThe family has a villa and land, my uncle is the director of the hospital, and my grandmother’s house also runs a large fishing ground.


In fact, when it comes to “Golden Spoon” artists, fans may first think of Choi Siwon, Park Hyungsik, Lu Xingjae, etc. However, the artists from the Golden Spoon that I will introduce next are really surprising. Let’s have a look!

Li YigengPhoto from NAVER

Li Yigeng
Li Yigeng, who started to emerge through the TV series “Descendants of the Sun” and “Come on Waikiki”, is actually the CEO of LG Chem, but because he started from scratch and started from grass-roots employees, he was frugal in the name. Li Yigeng also said that he did not The memory of the family is very rich. Even when I was a child, my father would rather wear a few more clothes and not turn on the electrical appliances in winter. The life is very simple.

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Ding HaiyinPhoto from NAVER

Ding Haiyin
Jung Hae-in, who became popular overnight through “Pretty Sister Who Often Asks for Meals”, actually has an amazing background, the descendant of Jung Ruo-yong, the great man of the Joseon Dynasty in South Korea! Ding Ruoyong is known as the “beautiful man of the Joseon Dynasty”. Looking at Ding Haiyin’s appearance, it must be genetic. XD In addition, Ding Haiyin’s parents are also running a hospital, and his father is a professor of medical university and a member of domestic and foreign societies.

Gao ChangxiPhoto from NAVER

Gao Changxi
Ko Chang Suk has recently been loved by the audience for playing the role of Cupid “Chief Nan” between Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo in the popular hit drama “Boyfriend”, showing a strong sense of existence, but in fact, he is a scholar who is rough in appearance. , the eldest brother graduated from Seoul National University Law School and Harvard University. He is currently a partner lawyer of a well-known law firm and a power elite in the legal world, while his sister is a professor in the United States.

YuxianPhoto from NAVER

Fans who are watching Korean dramas must have seen him. The most recent work is “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” in My Lai’s father, one of the standard protagonist’s fathers ~ Yu Xian graduated from SKY, one of the three universities in Korea. Yonsei University came from a family of doctors. It is said that he never ate pork belly before going to college because he ate more advanced meat. XD The cool thing is that Yu Xian was jailed twice for participating in the student democratization movement when he was young, and he was very famous at the time. The pioneer of the social movement!

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Jin MinjiaoPhoto from NAVER

Jin Minjiao
Jin Minjiao, a comedian who is very active in variety shows, his father used to be the director of East Asia General Hospital. Jin Minjiao once revealed that his home at that time covered an area of ​​1,500 ping, not only a swimming pool, but also a servant who specialized in taking care of dogs. The daily allowance is about 100,000 won today! However, in the third year of high school, because his father was deceived, the family lost his way…

 Photo from MBC

Is it surprising that these artists are all born with golden spoons? I really can’t tell if you don’t tell me! In fact, the editor thinks that regardless of their background, they are just like ordinary people. They work hard to realize their dreams with a humble attitude and make their own way in the entertainment industry. It is really admirable to have such courage and ambition~ I hope they will continue to be in the entertainment industry. The performing arts circle is shining, and continue to meet you with good works!