The UMCG population study Lifelines will investigate the risk factors for coronavirus infection.

More than 135,000 northerners participate in this long-term medical study. This extra questionnaire is sent by e-mail, because of the time. Only people who already participate in Lifelines can fill in the questionnaires. Registration is no longer possible.

Participants will receive an extra questionnaire every week in the coming months, with questions about health complaints that may indicate the corona virus.

According to Bert-Jan Souman of Lifelines, a lot of data is needed. “We need the people. We ask a lot, but we need them. The faster we have results, the faster we will understand the virus. ” Souman expects to have a result within a few months.


The answers are linked to the data of Lifelines. In this way, it is examined which factors influence the fact that people become seriously ill or only have mild complaints. Is it hereditary or is it mainly due to the environment?

In addition, the impact of the research on the well-being and well-being of the participants will be examined. The study also hopes to map out how the virus will spread over the Northern Netherlands in the coming months.

The Lifelines corona research is a joint initiative of the UMCG, University of Groningen, Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health and Lifelines.

This message has been supplemented with the response from Bert-Jan Souman of Lifelines.

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