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The Spanish team defeats Croatia in Stockholm, revalidates the continental crown and wins the direct ticket to the Tokyo Games

The Spanish team lifts the continental title in Stockholm.

There are things that are carried in the blood. lex Dujshebaev he is a man completely different from his father Talant. He is calm in all circumstances, allergic to discussions, he will never know an enemy. He is the son of the most passionate central in the history of handball, a coach as great as a copian, but his character is the opposite. “My father has very hot blood, I take it in another way,” he admitted to THE WORLD a while ago. But there are things, alas! That are carried in the blood. As he did in the semifinals before Slovenia, in the European final against Croatia lex claimed the decisive ball, which separated the glory from pain, and sank it into the rival goalkeeper as his father would have done, as he now does. Spain raised its second consecutive European with a great goal from Dujshebaev in a demonstration of what the team is: resistance, first and foremost, resistance. [22-20: Narracin y estadsticas]

It will be two minutes in a documentary that will last for hours or a few pages in a thick book, but from here to 20 or 30 years, when someone decides to remember the most successful little sport in Spain and the handball is mentioned, it must underline such an exaggerated virtue of this team: the endurance. Neither football, whose successes were concentrated in four years, nor basketball, which has already celebrated with two different generations, can boast something like that. The same group, at all times, forever. Here there eight players who were world champions seven years ago; Here is a leader, Ral Entrerros, who raised the first World Cup in Spain in 2005, 15 years ago! Only through the strength of this selection it is explained that this Sunday he will win a match that Croatia had obscured him, a match in which he was never comfortable. The outcome, with a Balkan ensemble, shouted Danger !, but no one ever resisted, but a Dusjhebaev is a Dujshebaev.

Prez de Vargas and Maqueda, fundamental

It is also true that Spain was not successful as on other occasions. In fact, the coach Jordi Ribera, in the whole European impeccable, tried a frivolity and fail, go if it fails Starting lineup Iosu Goi, a side that had only played three short moments during the tournament, and Rodrigo Corrales, in principle the substitute goalkeeper. It was a beautiful bet, a romantic message – this we are going to achieve together – but it was a mistake. Until the 18th minute, when the coach asked for a timeout, Croatia enjoyed the back of A misplaced Goi in defense 5: 1 and Corrales did not stop even one of the releases he received. It was necessary to rectify, to recover the 6: 0 defense with the two specialists, Viran Morros and Geden Guardiola, and to call the starting goalkeeper, Gonzalo Prez de Vargas. From there, the team lived its best moments. With an inspired Jorge Maqueda, he went from being dominated to dominating and even, at the beginning of the second part, opened an advantage that could have been definitive (16-12, min. 35).

But Croatia must be killed 100 times and, in such a favorable environment, quiz 200, quiz 300. The Stockholm Tele2 Arena He was dedicated to the Balkan team and when his end, Zlatko Horvat, broke the bad streak the bleachers almost fell apart. Despite the fatigue of his semifinal against Norway, Domagoj Duvnjak, Igor Karacic and company knew they should not give up and did not. With a change in defense and blows, many blows, managed to get Espaa only to score two goals in 20 minutes (from minute 35 to 55) and squeezed the outcome. Although the gain claimed sacrifices. For his performance, Croatia lacked the forces and did not take advantage of the Spanish sequa. With 20-20 on the scoreboard with two minutes left, there were three decisive actions: The youngest of Spain, Aleix Gmez, scored a penalty, Karacic committed the most incomprehensible steps in history and finally, lex Dujshebaev, as Dujshebaev as his father.

Alex Dujshebaev celebrates the decisive goal, this Sunday.JONATHAN NACKSTRANDAFP

A goal accomplished

The launch of the side and the endurance of the selection allowed him to lift the title, become the second team that chains two Europeans after the Sweden of Magnus Wislander and, above all, above all, qualify directly for the Tokyo Games. After the hit that led to the absence of the 2016 Ro Games, the group, more united than ever, had promised that it would not go through a Pre-Olympic, that if they did not win the 2018 World Cup, they would win the European of the following year and They did so. His merits will be dwarfed with history, when the great landmarks of Spanish sport are reviewed, the handball will remain in its corner, so small, but at some point, however brief, it must be remembered that there was a tough selection like no other, that There was an eternal selection.

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