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Liga Águila: this is how the standings ended after the date 17

This Sunday played the last matches of the 17th date of the Águila League, where the most striking match was the tie between América de Cali and Millionaires 1-1 in the Pascual Guerrero stadium. (Look at the Águila League standings)

The day was opened by the Patriots, that won 1-0 at Cúcuta Deportivo in local condition. Then, Envigado equalized with Unión Magdalena at the Polideportivo Sur, a tie between two teams that are outside the eight of the Colombian league.

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Junior tied at home against Deportivo Pasto, that continues in good run taking out important units to close its classification to the final homers of the championship.

The final match was between Atlético Nacional and Rionegro Águilas. The 'purslane' team visited the championship squad with the mentality from the beginning to take the three points to get closer to the classification, but ended up losing 2-1.

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Tomorrow will play the last match of this date between the Bucaramanga and Atlético Huila, commitment to be held at the Alfonso López stadium.



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