Liga MX signs “historic” agreement with Serie A of Italy that will encourage young Mexicans to play in Europe

Mikel Arriolapresident of the League MXannounced from the Mexican embassy in Italy the signing of a convenio collaboration with Serie Awhich consists of promoting the talent of young Mexican players to Europe, training personnel from both countries, and the possibility that clubs and national teams will face each other in the near future.

“It’s a historical agreementis aligned with the vision and mission of the FMF which is promote soccer in favor of Mexicansalways positively inspiring all our fans”, said Arriola, who was accompanied at the signing of the agreement by the president of the FMF, Yon de Luisa.

Arriola pointed out during his appearance that the main objective is to promote the export of young Mexicans to Europe.

“What we want to communicate to Europe is that Mexico is one of the best trainers for professional playersbecause less than five countries have the U-17 women’s team and we want to support young people so that their processes end in Mexico, but also end up in Europe,” Arriola declared at the press conference held at the Mexican embassy. in Italy.

“Currently, the basic forces of Liga MX receive a high level training and a unique structure of normative soccer. From U-13 to U-20 we have five categories, including U-17 women, where we accumulate a total of 2 thousand 356 women and men”.


“This agreement has two main axesthe first is the axis of the training. Training for our technical bodieswhich will have a great benefit for the coaching staff of our national teams, both for women and men.

“Training for members of the referees commissionin addition to training, an exchange of information that leads us to share the best practices in sports managementwith marketing, sports medicine, the recovery of our athletes, social responsibility and issues related to integrity and financial fair play”, explained De Luisa.

Mikel Arriola indicated that Liga MX seeks strengthen their core forces with this agreement with Italy, in addition to serving for the internationalization of Mexican football, who already has signed agreements with the Bundesliga and LaLiga of Spain.

“An important agreement to strengthen sports relations between the two leagues. The internationalization of Liga MX is one of the strategic priorities of this administration. That is why today we celebrate the signing of this historic agreement with one of the main leagues in the world.

We previously signed agreements with the Bundesliga and with LaLiga in Spain. We will continue with these efforts to complete recovery agreements with the best soccer leagues in the world,” Arriola said.

“(We aspire) To the growth of our basic forces, let us work together to coordinate cooperation activities and exchange of best practices; emphasizing training programs for new talents, youth tournaments and professional women’s leagues,” she added.