Liga MX today: Atlas vs Cruz Azul: Summary, result and goals of the Liga MX Opening 2022 match

LIVE Result: Atlas 3-2 Cruz Azul | Matchday 3, Liga MX Apertura 2022

Min 94 | ATS 3-1 CASE | The match is over!!!

With goals from Ozziel Herrera, Julian Quiñones and Jeremy Marquez, los Rojunegros del Atlas prevail in the Jalisco Stadium against the Cruz Azul Machine by a score of 3-2in actions of day 3 of the 2022 Opening of Liga MX.

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Min 90 | ATS 3-1 CASE | The referee adds four minutes of compensation

Min 85 | ATS 3-1 CASE | Gooooooooal from Cruz Azuuuuuul!!!

Christian Tabó He takes advantage of a filtered pass on the right side of the area, and centimeters from Camilo, he fires a cannon shot, impossible for the Colombian goalkeeper. The Machine is alive.

Min 81 | ATS 3-1 CASE | ¡¡¡Goooooooool del Atlaaaaaaaas!!!

After spending a minute in which he lost a heads up to Jurado, Julián Quiñones takes advantage of Cata Domínguez’s poor control of the ball, adjusts his body and takes a crossed left-footed shot, with which he now beats the sky-blue goalkeeper.

Min 75 | ATS 2-1 CASE | Christian Tabó is bookedfor knocking down Aldo Rocha in a counterattack play.

Min 74 | ATS 2-1 CASE | New change of the Atlas. Jesus Ocejo leaves and Bryan Trejo enters,

Min 70 | ATS 2-1 CASE | ¡¡¡Goooooooool del Atlaaaaaaaas!!!

The strategy works wonders for Cocca. Edison Flores sends a center down the left wing, and the one who appears alone and without a mark in the area is Jeremy Márquez, who connects an accurate header on goal.

Jury defeated, and the Atlas wins it again.

Min 66 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Double change of the Atlas. Anderson Santamaría and Edgar Zaldivar leave, and Edison Flores and Jeremy Márquez enter.

Min 66 | ATS 1-1 CASE | The second element of Cruz Azul to be expelled is Juan Escobar

Min 62 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Change of part of the Blue Cross. Carlos Rodríguez and Ángel Rpmero leave Rafael Baca and Christian Tabó enter

Min 61 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Angel Romero He shoots from long distance but very broken. The one with segments goes down the left side of the rival goal.

Min 55 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Intense fight for the ball in midfield but without reaching the area.

Min 45 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Start the complementary part between Atlas and Cruz Azul, within day 3 of the Opening 2022.

Min 50 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Let’s go to dressing rooms!!!

With goals from Ozziel Herrera, Santiago Gimenez, and an uneven closing, in which they expelled Carlos Rotondi, Atlas and Cruz Azul go into the break with a 1-1 draw, in the first 45 minutes of their joint commitment within the Day 3 of the Opening 2022.

Min 50 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Plum Lira is reprimanded for claims to the referee.

Min 50 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Carlos Rotondi, a member of Cruz Azul, is expelled for the tackle on Anderson Santamaría, after the VAR review.

Min 47 | ATS 1-1 CASE | The alarms turn on. Rotondi connects with his foot on the knee of Anderson Santamaría. The element of the Atlas cannot hide the pain, and the medical assistance enters.

Min 45 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Carlos Rodríguez becomes the first cautioned by Cruz Azul.

Min 45 | ATS 1-1 CASE | The referee adds two minutes

Santi Giménez, tying through a great goal…

Min 39 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Quinones again!!!

A center Quiñones arrives on the left wing, who was alone and without a mark. The athlete attacker gets up in the area and manages to connect a header. Unfortunately for him, the shot goes wide.

Min 36 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Angel Romero After a couple of cuts, he manages to take a direct shot on goal, but Vargas, with a shot to his right, prevents the fall of his frame.

Thus, Herrera and Atlas opened the scoring in Jalisco…

Min 27 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Foul outside the athletics area by Anderson Santamaría on Santiago Giménez, which warrants a yellow card.

Min 25 | ATS 1-1 CASE | Ceeeeerca the Atlas!!!

Julián Quiñones tries to surprise Jurado from long distance, but his shot goes off the side of the right post.

Min 20 | ATS 1-1 CASE | ¡¡¡Goooooooool del Cruz Azuuuuuuul!!!!

Great goal from the Celestials!!! The red and black defense rejects a dangerous ball from the area, however the ball remains for Carlos Rodriguez, who first intention sends him back to the area. is where it appears Santiago Gimenez, and with a ‘dove’ header, he pierces the goal of Camillo Vargas.

Min 16 | ATS 1-0 CASE | Now it is Ozziel Herrera who, after a cut down the right wing, takes a shot, which ends at the feet of Luis Reyes. The ‘Hueso’ accommodates the ball and takes a shot that passes very close to Jurado’s left post.

Min 12 | ATS 1-0 CASE | The Machine tries to react with a series of touches on the boundaries of the local area. The play ends with a weak shot from Carlos Rodriguez, that comes into the hands of Camillo Vargas.

Min 10 | ATS 1-0 CASE | ¡¡¡Goooooooool del Atlaaaaaaaas!!!!

in corner kick, Luis Reyes sends the ball near the first post; area where it arrives Ozziel Herrera, who with a powerful header hits the ball into the goal, without giving Sebastián Jurado a chance to respond.

Min 6 | ATS 0-0 CASE | A failure in the exit of Atlas ends up giving the ball to Angel Romero, who drives the ball to the crescent. He takes a shot, but the intervention of Anderson Santamaria prevents the ball from going to goal.

Min 0 | ATS 0-0 CASE | hostilities begin between Atlas and Cruz Azul, in shares of the Day 3 of the Opening 2022 of the MX League

Diego Cocca define the following elements to start the game, the first at home

Day 3, at the moment

Matchday 3 of the 2022 Opening is underway, and three duels have already been held at the moment, leaving us with the following results:

America 1-0 Toluca | Chronicle

Puebla 1-1 Leon | Chronicle

FC Juarez 1-1 Queretaro | Chronicle

not long ago, Atlas and Blue Cross they met in an official duel in the preseason. It’s about the MX League Super Cup, duel that ended tied 2-2, and that was decided on penalties in favor of the cement workers 4-3 in a penalty shootout. Relive the actions HERE.

This is the squad chosen by Diego Aguirre to face the Champion of Champions from League MX

The hobby of Atlas and Cruz Azul, ready at the Jalisco stadium to enjoy the game…

Welcome to the football party!!!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. This Saturday, July 16, the actions of Day 3 of the 2022 Opening, with the meeting between Red and black of the Atlas and the Machine of the Blue Cross, a reissue of the Liga MX Super Cup; now, within the local league.

The tournament will barely play its third date of activity, and both teams already have the pending of adding three to not fall behind in the general table. LThe cement producers are in eighth place after adding only three points, while the current champion barely reaches one unit.

Without a doubt, a duel that you cannot miss and that we invite you to follow through our traditional MINUTE BY MINUTE in CLEAR BRAND