A small private plane with three people on board crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near Long Island in southern New York. Reports about it New York Post with reference to officials.

According to the publication, rescuers found the body of a male pilot. The Piper PA-34 light aircraft was flying from Danbury, Connecticut, to Charleston, South Carolina.

Sources told the publication that shortly before the crash, the plane lost radio contact with the dispatchers. According to the interlocutors, he was registered at the Oxford School of Flight Training, which is located at Waterbury-Oxford Airport in Connecticut.

Sources also said that the bodies of the dead passengers, men and women, are still in the area of ​​debris at a depth of 60 feet (about 18 m). According to reports of the Federal Aviation Administration, Piper PA-34 was released in 1975, the newspaper notes.

At the end of September in the US state of Florida, on the edge of Lake Hancock, the Piper light aircraft crashed. The incident injured two people.


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