Light Practices Bring Sustenance from Unexpected Places from Sheikh Ali Jaber

North Sulawesi portal – The late Sheikh Ali Jaber once gave a light practice of coming sustenance in one of his talks.

According to Sheikh Ali Jaber, this light practice can bring sustenance from unexpected places.

That is, with this practice, Allah will provide sustenance from places that have never been thought of before, said Sheikh Ali Jaber.

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In addition, this practice can also save a person from all conditions squeezed or difficult conditions.

By routinely practicing this, he said, God will lift all the hardships felt.

The matter of sustenance is a serious matter because it involves one’s survival.

The reason is, sustenance does not only include material, but also health and even offspring.

Therefore, many people are willing to work day and night in order to get a lot of sustenance.

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