Lighting of Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam could be adjusted by hackers | NOW

An online panel with which the lighting of the Erasmus Bridge can be set was publicly accessible, a spokesperson for the municipality of Rotterdam confirms on Tuesday after reporting by RTL News. Unauthorized persons could therefore adjust the lighting of the bridge over the Nieuwe Maas.

The online system should be protected with a password, but due to a security leak, people could also access the panel without this authorization, the spokesperson told

According to RTL News the color of the lighting could be adjusted in this way. The colors of the Dutch flag, the club colors of Feyenoord and rainbow colors were options.

The news channel put it to the test on Monday evening by first coloring the bridge pink and then setting rainbow colors. As a result, the Erasmus Bridge changed color within seconds.

Rotterdam has decommissioned the online panel after discovery of the leak. “A definitive solution to prevent a vulnerability in the future is still being worked on,” said the spokesman.



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