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Lighting: What the proposal of King Mohammed VI to Algeria means (source informed)

What does the proposal of King Mohammed VI mean to Algeria? What is its scope? What is the link with the Sahara issue? Here are the answers that a high-level Moroccan source has provided to Médias24.

Morocco-Algeria relations were featured on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, opening the traditional speech of King Mohammed VI on the Green March. In a totally unexpected way, the Sovereign appealed to Algeria and offered to open a global dialogue without taboos, without exceptions, covering all the outstanding issues and misunderstandings.

"The speech of His Majesty is part of a virtuous logic," says a Moroccan source of high level. "The desire to relaunch relations has always existed today, it is an operationalization of this will, through a mechanism of dialogue and cooperation". it is a question of trying to dispel all misunderstandings through an ad hoc mechanism.

The mechanism in question is a framework for dialogue, bilateral cooperation and also a framework for consultation on all issues such as terrorism in the region.

"This initiative is a general framework, not a turnkey product," adds our source who is close to the issue.

"His Majesty has repeated: Algeria can define the framework, the level, the agenda, all modalities, and can also propose any idea, any approach, to progress towards a normalization of the relationship. Algeria is free to propose and define the modalities of this framework ".

"Today, the common history challenges us and throughout the region, there are pressing challenges that can not wait, that challenge the two countries.If we do nothing, the future will catch us both The will has always been there, what is new is the operational framework that is proposed, "said this informed source.

This proposal of King Mohammed VI opened the Green March speech. She figured in the speech before the Sahara issue.

"His Majesty has spoken before the Sahara, to make it clear that this proposal is not related to the developments of this file".

King Mohammed VI explained in his speech that there are now two approaches:

-2 key principles internally, as was stated in the opening speech of the parliamentary session: accountability and commitment.

-2 principles in foreign policy: clarity and ambition.

Clarity simply means clarity of position. The ambition is to go as far as possible to overcome situations such as the blockage of the Maghreb and Moroccan-Algerian relations; or to build the best possible integration at the African level.

"His Majesty proposes a general framework to translate this common ambition, to build a peaceful relationship, a united Maghreb, turned towards the development of its peoples and the optimization of its potential", concludes our source.


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