Ligue 1. Angers takes a precious point in Lorient

February 6, 2023 at 7:50 a.m. by Dolorès CHARLES

For the 22nd day of Ligue 1, victory for Nantes, defeat for Rennes and draws for Brest, Lorient and Angers. In the end, we will remember that the SCO took a point on the Moustoir pitch and put an end to its spiral of defeats.

After the defeat of Stade Rennais 3-1 in Lille on Saturday evening at Roazhon Park, many matches were played yesterday (Sunday February 5) on behalf of the 22nd day of the Ligue 1 championship, FC Lorient was hooked by the SCO from Angers to Moustoir, final score 0-0. A counter-performance against the red lantern for Hakes, very reworked during this winter transfer window. For Régis Le Bris, nothing could be more normal. His team is not yet sharp, but the manager remains optimisticat the microphone of Jules Housseau:

“We like to have a full preparation of 5 to 6 friendly matches, so time to work. Here, we do it in the middle of the season, and the challenge is to accelerate that and everyone to enter into these learning processes. . We feel that these players have a lot of talent, that this team can have combined beginnings, but that at some point, when it has to go a little further, there is a small technical fault, a positioning that does not is not adjusted, there is a stroke that should have been made, which has not been made and this gives stability to the whole. We have to find a new balance. These are relationships that we must build, positions that we must reestablish, and which were different before compared to those which are expected today. I doI have only good hopes compared to what I can see today and which tomorrow will express itself much better.”

Titre :Regis Le Bris

Credit :Jules Husseau

A victory for the SCO goalkeeper

After having signed the sad record of the greatest number of defeats in a row last Wednesday, with the 13th loss in a row conceded against Ajaccio, the SCO of Angers snatched the draw 0-0 and it is almost a victory for Paul Bernardoni, the SCO goalkeeper who had not finished a Ligue 1 match without conceding a goal since last September 18!

“It’s not a victory because it’s only one point, but it feels good to cut this spiral. Often I say we have nothing to lose but if we have something to lose. We go for idiots because we made 13 in a row… When it’s been four, five or six games that we’ve been brought back at the end, we lose at the end, it’s not trivial either, it’s maybe that there was a time when we didn’t not the things that were needed… I feel that there is a kind of awareness. It’s a long marathon, you have to hang on, and never let go!

Titre :Paul Bernardoni

Credit :Jules Husseau

17 finals to play!

Like the goalkeeper, it is also “almost a victory” for the coach Abdul Bouhazama : “Countably what a point, but in the minds of our supporters and for us, it’s important! We stop the bleeding, we stop this negative series and also see the boys being so generous, involved, determined for their pride and for their honor too, that’s what I used in the chat: we’re going to stop talking about maintaining , everyone condemned us, just read the articles. Here, I told them that we had 17 finals to play, we have to take the matches one after the other, as if it were our last Ligue 1 match for us, the club, our employees and our supporters. Mathematically, there is nothing done and I believe in it!

Titre :Abdul Bouhazama

Credit :Jules Husseau

In the Ligue 1 standings, Paris is ahead of Marseille and Lens. Rennes is in 5th place, Lorient is 7th, Nantes is 13th ahead of Brest 15th and Angers SCO is in last place.

Next day this Sunday February 12 : Toulouse / Rennes; Angers / AJA; Montpellier / Brest and the Nantes / Lorient derby.