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Ligue 1: Nantes-Rennes Live

Coming soon: Live start: 01/13/2019 at 14:22

IN PROGRESS: Updated at 16:34

ENDED: End of live:

at 16:34

Bourigeaud out in turn (77th)

The former Lensois gives way to Léa-Siliki for the end of the meeting.

at 16:32

Sala gives way (75th)

The Argentine, invisible, is replaced by Coulibaly.

at 16:31

It's hot on the goal of Koubek (73)

A Rennes hand is not reported in the Nantes area after a hit Rongier … quite incomprehensible.

at 16:26

Nantes 0-1 Rennes (69th)

The Bretons are suffering and are suffering more and more. However, they fold but hold good for now.

at 16:24

The Limbombe post (66th) !!

UNBELIEVABLE ! What a failure on the part of the Belgian. Waris rips into the surface and steals the leather in Bensebaini's feet. He centers for Limbombe, completely alone at the back post, who makes a diving header … on the post.

at 16:23

First change of Coach Vahid (63e)

Boschilia replaces Girotto for the last half hour.

at 16:18

First change in this match (61st)

Julien Stéphan makes a defensive change with the exit of Niang and the entry of Johansson.

at 16:17

The Limbombe bar (60th)

Finally a situation for the Canaries. Lima takes a free-kick off-center and finds Limbombe in the first place with a lobed head that hits the crossbar. Koubek accompanies.

at 16:14

Nantes 0-1 Rennes (56th)

Big SRFC defense work that perfectly masters Emiliano Sala, already twelve goals this season. The Nantais is invisible in this match for the moment and his partners can not find him.

at 16:09

Yellow for Niang (52nd)

Bad act of the former player of AC Milan, very discreet in this match, on Waris. Niang is logically aware.

at 16:08

The Rennes are very low (51)

Voluntarily, Stéphan's players are very low on the field and try to suck the Nantes to better counter them.

at 16:06

Heat on the goal Rennes (48th)

Waris is launched on the right side. The Ghanaian sets Mexer and center in front of the goal where Da Silva deflects the ball and fails to deceive his own goalkeeper. The Canaries are trying to press the accelerator and multiply corners but without success for now.

at 16:03

Nantes 0-1 Rennes (46th)

Rennes shows himself as a starter. Served back by Traoré, Grenier sees his shot being blocked by the defense of Nantes. First danger on the Nantes goal in this second act.

at 16:02

It's back to Nantes!

The Rennais launch hostilities in this second period. No change at the break.

at 15:47

It's the break at La Beaujoire!

Rennes leads at half time in this Derby against Nantes (1-0) thanks to a goal from Da SIlva. The Bretons are better technically and play intelligently, so the advantage to the score is logical. The Canaries had started well, with a goal denied to Diego Carlos, but they then went down.

at 15:47

Two minutes of additional time

at 15:45

Grenier is notified (45th)

After André, Clément Grenier gets a warning. Both defensive midfielders Rennes are warned.

at 15:44

Nantes 0-1 Rennes (45th)

Without solution, Abdoulaye Toure takes a chance from far but it is very far from the frame.

at 15:43

The Rennes in management (43e)

Bretons seem superior in many areas to Canaries. Defensively, they show a very good solidity and in the middle, Grenier and André do a lot of work. Logically Rennes is his front.

at 15:41

Nantes in the hard (41e)

The Canaries are suffering. They dare not press the Rennes for fear of being surprised by cons. The block is therefore low and they have trouble carrying the danger on Koubek's goal. A vicious circle.

at 15:38

Girotto (38e) is shown a yellow card

The Brazilian midfielder is penalized for a delayed intervention on Ben Arfa. Note that Benjamin André had been warned before.

at 15:36

Nantes 0-1 Rennes (33)

The Rennes are a little more incisive and invest the camp of the Nantais. Opportunities are clearly missing in this game.

at 15:30

Nantes does not react (29th)

The Canaries are clearly sounded even if they win the majority of the duels. They are struggling to put the danger on the goal of Koubek who passes, for the moment, a comfortable afternoon.

at 15:26

Niang on the ground (26th)

The Rennes striker is on the ground after a touch. The healers come in and support him on the edge of the field. The Senegalese returns.

at 15:23

Nantes 0-1 Rennes (23rd)

Diego Carlos is still in the air after a free kick far away but that does not worry the rearguard Rennes. The Bretons are perfectly managing the match for the moment. On their only occasion, they scored and are content for the moment.

at 15:21

Oh, the opportunity for the FCN (20th)!

On a cross at the far post of Fabio, Lima shifts Limbombe into the box. The Belgian center recessed for Rongier but Sala touches the ball and takes the leather captain Nantes. A great opportunity that flies away.

at 15:19

Second goal this season in L1 for Da Silva

at 15:16

Nantes 0-1 Rennes (16th)

Club shot on the Canaries who had started the game perfectly but Rennes scored on his first situation and will therefore race in the lead.

at 15:14

Buuuut from Da Silva (13th), Nantes 0-1 Rennes

And it's Rennes that finally opens the brand. On an action similar to the goal denied Nantes, Ben Arfa plays a free kick at the back post. Da Silva, alone, places a crosshead that allows the SRFC to open the scoring. Diego Carlos is strawberry and Tatarusanu, stoic in his line, questions.

at 15:11

Rennes is showing (11th)

The SRFC is finally on the offensive in this meeting. Traoré is served on the right side and tries a half-flight far, very complicated. It goes well above that.

at 15:09

Goal denied (9th), Nantes 0-0 Rennes

Mr. Buquet, the referee of the match, logically refuses the goal for a Brazilian defender's hand. Warning free of charge for Rennes residents who have not entered the meeting well.

at 15:07

GOAL of Diego Carlos (7th), Nantes 1-0 Rennes

Nantes opens the scoring but … beware, it could be refused. Lima takes the free-kick and finds Diego Carlos scoring … the arm and not the head. The goal should be refused. A chance for Koubek, poorly released, and Traore, who covered everyone.

at 15:06

Nantes 0-0 Rennes (6)

The duels are already intensifying in this meeting. Especially between Grenier and Rongier or between André and Waris. Not a single opportunity to put in the tooth for now but the pace is good.

at 15:03

The Canaries monopolize the ball (4th)

In term of possession, the beginning of the match is to the advantage of the Nantes people who try to settle in the opposite camp. For the moment, the Rennes are quite low.

at 15:01

Nantes 0-0 Rennes (1e)

The Canaries are immediately attacking with a very good Fabio center but Sala is overtaken by Da Silva.

at 14:54

Five minutes before the kickoff

The two teams are in the corridor of La Beaujoire …

at 14:34

The Rennes in 4-2-3-1 with Ben Arfa

A slight doubt hung over the presence of Hatem Ben Arfa and the former Nice is present at La Beaujoire. Koubek will keep the cage with a four-man defense consisting of Traoré, Da Silva, Mexer and Bensebaini. Grenier and André will be recovering and will support a trident composed of Sarr, Ben Arfa and Bourigeaud. Finally in tip, we find Niang.

at 14:32

The Canaries in 4-3-3

Absent against Montpellier (2-0 victory Tuesday), Krhin and Boschilia are back but will start on the bench. Coach Vahid changes on the other hand. Exit 5-3-2 and place 4-3-3 with Tatarusanu in the goal. Fabio and Lima will be the laterals with Pallois and Diego Carlos in central hinge. In the middle, Girotto will be the sentinel with Rongier and Touré as relay runners. Waris and Limbombe will animate the sides and Sala will evolve in tip.

at 14:28

Rennes at home in La Beaujoire

Since January 15, 2005, the Stade Rennais is undefeated in Nantes. In this Derby, it's a little humiliation for the Canaries. The Rouge et Noir remain on a series of eight games without the slightest defeat at La Beaujoire with five wins and three draws, including last year (1-1).
Be careful, however, because since the arrival of Coach Vahid on the banks of the Loire, Nantes are undefeated at home with four wins and a draw but also 15 goals scored.

at 14:23

Hello everyone !!

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