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Ligue 2: All about the race to climb and maintain – Ligue 2

The 33rd day of Ligue 2 will be in full swing this Friday night. In the race to climb as well as maintain, everything remains undecided. We take stock.

As every year, the antechamber of Ligue 1 is undecided at all levels. Difficult then to believe in a late-season freewheeling for good numbers of clubs. On the contrary. All are concerned with the race to climb or maintain. De Metz, leader, Red Star, red lantern, overview of the stakes of this end of the season.

The immediate rise: Metz and Brest in a very favorable ballot


At the top of the painting, the mass seems to be said. Like Reims last year, Metz with 68 points crushes the championship and this despite the absence of his head coach, Frederic Antonetti, at the bedside of his sick wife. Under the orders of Vincent Hognon, the Lorrainers will make an immediate comeback. Brest, his dolphin, will be, except cataclysm, his sidekick in Ligue 1 next season. The Brestois with 62 points are seven points ahead of Troyes, 3rd. Jean-Marc Furlan, waiting to leave after two refusals of extension of contract, will experience a fourth rise in Ligue 1. The first in another club that Troyes.

The opinion of the editor: With a rather simple schedule, the two teams should not tremble in this end of the season. Except for a duel against Lens (April 27), Brest faces second-tier teams. On the last day, the two future prospects will probably celebrate their respective return to Ligue 1.

The playoffs: the crazy climb of Troyes, Lens private dams?


The introduction of the playoffs added a touch of suspense to a Ligue 2 which was already overflowing. In this race, you have to know how to be regular and not to slip into the final sprint. In this little game, Troyes pulls out of the game. The Aube club is on an impressive run of eight games without defeat. His duel against Lorient (5th) could allow him to increase his lead to 4 points. Then it will be a rather quiet end of season despite a trap match against Nancy who plays his skin in the division. With the Paris FC, Lorient and Lens, the Trojans will compete for the last three places where Lens and its complicated schedule (Grenoble, Lorient, Brest, Clermont, Ajaccio, Le Havre) might well fall by the wayside.

The opinion of the editor: Difficult to clear the three clubs that will access the playoffs six days of the term where 5 teams stand in 5 points. Several duels should allow to see more clearly. Paris FC which does not face any of the Top 6 members is our favorite. Troyes and Lorient, our underdogs.

Maintaining: The Red Star and Beziers in National and Auxerre Barrage?


The suspense is also full at the bottom of the table even if the Red Star with 26 points and Beziers with 27 points have a consequent delay on Nancy, 18th and first barragiste with 32 points. The two clubs promoted this season will do the elevator but knowing the club barrage to face the 3rd of National is difficult. Proof is: 7 teams stand in 6 points. Valenciennes, with 38 points, is not yet immune. But the danger is in 14th place with AJ Auxerre (35 points) and his high class for the division. The Burgundy club, with 35 points, is on a complicated pass for several months. Pablo Correa, the icaunais coach, paid the price. Still, they still have their fate in their hands. Nancy and her very delicate calendar (Red Star, Orleans, Ajaccio, Troyes, Metz and Beziers) has something to be in a delicate posture. Sochaux too.

The opinion of the editor: The Red Star and Beziers are going down in National. Nancy and Sochaux will compete for the place of barragiste. Auxerre, who faces Sochaux this weekend, is able to win to give themselves air. Especially since at the same time, the Red Star welcomes Nancy. This match and this day should allow to see much more clearly on the bottom of the table.


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