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like a goldfish in an aquarium


Queen Elizabeth II convened an emergency family council to discuss the split. The departure of the family of Prince Harry, headed by his wife Meghan Markle – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – to Canada and the rejection of the parasitic lifestyle of the monarch’s family caused a shock to her grandmother.

Yes, the eldest son of the queen and direct heir, Prince Charles, the footman still squeezes toothpaste on the brush in the morning, but he, who never commanded anyone, is a field marshal, as well as an admiral of the fleet and chief air marshal with numerous orders.

Such a future, and even without real prospects, Prince Harry was tired of taking the throne, and his wife, Canadian actress Meghan Markle, simply went to her home, announcing to her grandmother a decision via Instagram.

Now the main intrigue is whether they will deprive a couple of ducal titles so that they do not use them as a commercial brand, which is already happening.

On January 16, Prince Harry appeared in Buckingham Palace at the draw of the Rugby World Cup. His tension was betrayed only by the nervous twisting of a wedding ring. For him, this was the last publication as the so-called senior member of the royal family. Everyone drew attention to the fact that the musical accompaniment of the video, which he posted on social networks, was the composition of Stone Roses, in which there are words: “I would like to leave this country.”

Two days later, it was announced that Harry and his wife Megan were losing the title of “Royal Highness”, refusing to fulfill the duties of representatives of the British monarchy.

In the same way, Elizabeth II did in her time with her mother, Princess Diana, when she divorced Prince Charles. Former royal spokeswoman Richard Arbiter is well aware of the cause of the monarch’s extreme annoyance.

“I myself was furious when they made my statement. They had to serve the queen when they married, and in the end turned their backs on her,” he said.

According to the former courtier, the conflict was based on Meghan Markle’s unwillingness to accept all the conventions with which she had to reckon when she entered the royal family.

“I don’t think she was happy in the UK. To get into the royal family is like finding a goldfish in an aquarium. Previously, she could express all opinions, for example, about politics, but now she’s forbidden,” Richard Arbiter explained .

Prince Harry in this situation was simply confused. “At its core, he is a soldier. And, returning from the army, he became like a child who does not know what to do,” Arbiter believes.

Harry’s wife either does not understand the depth of the problems, or deliberately continues to drive a wedge in the immediate environment of Elizabeth II. Recently, she unexpectedly visited several charitable organizations in Canada, not coordinating her actions with London, that is, privately violating the protocol.

The press is already walking photos of the house, which Megan looked after in Canadian Vancouver for his family: a mansion with six bedrooms and overlooking the ocean. Villa is estimated at 21 million pounds. In England, Harry still has the house that his grandmother gave him at the wedding. Frogmore Cottage is a historic building. For newlyweds, it was specially rebuilt: there appeared a gym room with simulators and a yoga studio, which Megan is fond of. Near the house there is a mausoleum, where Queen Victoria, beloved by the British, and her husband Prince Albert are resting.

Recently, information appeared that service personnel were being removed from this cottage as evidence that Harry and Megan were not going to return here.

In addition to Victoria, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor are buried in the Frogmore Mausoleum – this is the former king Edward Eighth and his wife, American Wallis Simpson, for the sake of which he left the throne.

“Edward wanted to marry not just a divorced woman, but a twice-divorced woman. And he was categorically refused. Not only the government, but also the Church. He was the head of the Anglican Church, which did not accept divorce. And he chose to abdicate. saying that he cannot fulfill his duties if there isn’t the woman he loves around, ”said Richard Arbiter.

They write that Harry and Megan are ready to compensate for the costs of repairing the mansion – he cost the treasury almost 2 and a half million pounds. But another question arises before the British government: at whose expense will this pair continue to be secured? Now the duke and duchess are served by a group of ten armed bodyguards. These are employees of a special unit of the London police. In recent years, the staff of this structure had to be increased by one hundred people.

In Scotland Yard, it was estimated that protecting members of a large royal family is too expensive – almost one hundred million pounds a year. And there was already a proposal to strip an armed escort of Queen Andrew’s middle son, Prince Andrew, suspended from royal duties because of the scandal with pedophilia.

Prince Andrew – a former military man, he was once threatened by militants of the underground Irish Republican Army. Harry is also at risk – he participated in the fighting in Afghanistan. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his country was ready to discuss with London its possible participation in the protection of the prince. But one of the most popular Canadian newspapers unexpectedly opposed Harry’s move.

Megan, in turn, having left the UK for a long time, will not be able to get a residence permit here, and then citizenship, if she has such a desire. The situation with the payment of taxes and the idea of ​​an independent business from the British crown, which Harry and Megan are going to conduct, are not completely clear.

“This organization is a commercial venture for a long time. If you walk around Buckingham Palace, you will see official stores selling high-quality goods at an affordable price. So there is a precedent. Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, makes a decent living from his duchy in Cornwall. He created a whole line of food. After taxes, profit goes to him. Thus, he not only develops the business, but also contains his sons, “said Richard Arbiter.

With all public restrictions, the British monarchs are classified as the richest people in the world. Three years ago, Brand Finance consulting company valued the royal family at £ 67.5 billion. This is not counting the financial assets that the Windsors own as individuals. Elizabeth II and her offspring annually bring to the treasury almost two billion pounds of profit. Campaigns that have received the status of suppliers of the royal court earn especially good on the monarchical brand. Over the past year, this status has brought British brands an additional 193.3 million pounds.

Ahead – new scandals. Megan and her husband Harry sued the British newspapers. The Duchess of Sussex accuses the tabloid The Mail on Sunday of publishing excerpts from her letter to her retired father, who now lives in Mexico. After the wedding, Prince Megan does not communicate with him, but the publishers of the British newspaper are ready to invite Thomas Markle as a witness to the court.

“I’m not going to be silent for the rest of my life. I really love my daughter, and she should know that. And I would be grateful to her if she at least just called me,” Father Megan said.

It is not known what Megan herself can say if she, as hinted at by her entourage, agrees to give a frank interview about how she was not accepted in London. So her departure is not the final solution to the problem for the Windsor dynasty.

Previously, they tried to destroy the British monarchy from the outside, but now it enthusiastically ruins itself from the inside. The spectacle is so unusual that in the eyes of ordinary Britons, Megsit has already surpassed Brexit.

The scandal in the royal family took advantage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He tried to quietly solve the “Scottish question” painful for the British government. Back in December last year, the first Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, formally requested London to authorize the Scottish Parliament to hold a second referendum on leaving the United Kingdom. Johnson officially refused her, explaining his decision by the fact that six years ago the Scots had already voted against independence.

Scottish nationalists argue that the reason for the new plebiscite is the fact that most Scottish residents voted against the Brexit, but, obeying London, forced to leave the European Union. The first Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, said she would not follow the path of the Catalan separatists and would act exclusively within the law. She expects that sooner or later the British government will be forced to cede.

In London, now they prefer to talk about something else. Johnson and a number of MPs offered to chip in with the whole world so that on the day of leaving the European Union – January 31 – you could hear the battle of the famous Big Ben – the bell on the tower of Elizabeth II. To complete the repair of the upper floors of the tower, you need to collect half a million pounds. In extreme cases, Johnson promises to illuminate the entire government quarter in central London. Prince Harry is likely to watch this historic event in the life of Great Britain on television, reunited in Canada with his family.



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