Like the I.R.S. Could punish Trump and his foundation


Marcus Owens, the I.R.S. The department, which oversees nonprofits during the presidential administration of George Bush and Bill Clinton, said there have been several cases where people have been criminally prosecuted for false tax declarations by charities they control. The difference in Mr. Trump's case, he said, is that these cases are "less outrageous."

In the case of Mr. Fumo, the Senator from Pennsylvania, the prosecution involved filing a false tax return using the charity fund political activities and paying for a renovation of his office. A jury sentenced him to all 137 counts he faced. He served four years in prison and was on probation until 2017.

In 2011, federal prosecutors brought a criminal charge against an official at the non-profit Supervision of the Fiesta Bowl, one of the college football bowl games, for use…01&Itemid=37 The group is supposed to make political donations to politicians in Arizona by claiming it has filed false tax returns. Englisch:…01&Itemid=37. The defendant pleaded guilty and received parole.

"The Fiesta Bowl was harmless compared to the activities of Mr. Trump's foundation," Owens said, noting that the president's charity was accused of repeated misconduct.

"It's a pattern of behavior over years," he said.

In addition to the foundation's tax returns, "Mr. Trump also" took part directly in the events that were to be accurately reported on the tax return, "Mr. Owens said." This is not a good case to try to defend. "

Typically, agents at the IRS would investigate a possible criminal matter so, and if the agency considered a prosecution justified, it would refer the investigation to the Justice Department, which could then forward the matter to a local law firm in the United States

Mr. Trump's candidate for the IRS, Charles P. Rettig, has more than 35 years of experience in such matters as a tax lawyer specializing in criminal defense and is still awaiting confirmation by the Senate. [19659009]


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