Lil ‘Kleine ignores measures during a birthday party

Of course he celebrated it with his great love Jaimie Vaes at his side, but also with all his good friends, including celebrities like Estelle Cruijff and Koen Kardashian. That it was a successful evening and they had a good time can be seen in this video, which was shared by Koen Kardashian on Instagram Stories. It seems from the images that the guests found it difficult to adhere to the five-foot rule at all times. The rapper’s management was not available for comment today.

The rapper receives congratulations from all sides on his Instagram account. ‘Happy b-day boyfriend’, Bas Smit writes under Jorik’s photo. Guus Meeuwis and rapper Boef, among others, also leave congratulations behind. Lil ‘Kleine likes to unpack, because his son also had an extravagant party this year:


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