Lil Nas X in the studio with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter?

Will Thomas Bangalter and Lil Nas X do a joint project soon? The rapper shared a story on Instagram in which a man with a guitar scurried through the picture. He bears a close resemblance to Thomas Bangalter, one of the two artists of the cult duo Daft Punk. But is it really him?

Thomas Bangalter and Lil Nas X working on music together?

There is hot speculation on the internet as to whether there will soon be joint music by Lil Nas X and Thomas Bangalter will give. The rapper recently posted an Instagram story where he’s sitting in the studio. Nothing unusual until then, but then a man with a guitar suddenly scurries through the picture – and he sees it Daft Punk Artist Thomas Bangalter eerily similar.

Since then the video of Lil Nas X has surfaced, the rumor mill is on fire. The tweet from a fan account shows the excerpt from the rapper’s Instagram story.

Daft Punk split in 2021

In 2021, the French duo gave Daft Punk announced their split in an eight-minute emotional video titled “Epilogue.” The two artists have been making music together for 28 years, spawning some of the EDM scene’s most iconic titles such as Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Get Lucky, One More Time and Around The World .

Although neither Lil Nas X still Thomas Bangalter have confirmed or denied that the posting is in fact about Bangalter is, the fans have been particularly attentive since the upload. This would be the first time either of the two Daft Punkmembers has been seen in public since their split.

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Fotocredit: Daft Punk