Liliane Marchais, widow of Georges Marchais, died of coronavirus

Born in 1935 in Malakoff (Hauts-de-Seine), she joined the Communist Party in 1952 and the CGT in 1953. Member of the executive management of the CGT Federation of Metals between 1960 and 1964, she joined the within the direction of the PCF of Val-de-Marne at the same period. She continued to sit on the PCF federal office of Val-de-Marne until 1996, then on the federal committee.

From the late 1960s, Liliane Garcia was the companion and then the wife of Georges Marchais, emblematic boss of the French Communist Party from 1972 to 1994 and unsuccessful candidate in the 1981 presidential election against François Mitterrand. Mr. Marchais died in November 1997.

She had acquired a sudden and involuntary notoriety in January 1980, when her husband had launched on television: “When I heard François Mitterrand refuse to commit to the existence of an independent national defense, I said to my wife: ‘François Mitterrand has decided to abandon the common program of the left. Pack your bags, we’re going back to Paris. “

Frankness and sincerity

“Liliane had a strong character that stood out for frankness and sincerity. Like all those who have met her, I will always remember her blue eyes, her ever-present smile and her eternal Gypsy lips, as well as the wisdom and camaraderie she brought in all her meetings ”, a underlined Mr. Roussel in a press release.

The PCF deputy from the North also underlined that she had “always defended the place of women in the leadership of the Party allowing many comrades to reach positions of responsibility, within communities as within the” PCF .

He “sends his most sincere condolences and all his friendship to his two children, Olivier and Annie, to his grandchildren and to all the communists of Val-de-Marne and in particular those of Champigny where the family lived”.

In February 2015, Ms. Marchais attacked the town hall of Villejuif, a communist stronghold that the right had removed from the PCF a year earlier, after the municipality’s decision to rename the forecourt Georges-Marchais. The judges had ruled in favor of the widow of the Communist leader.

The head of rebellious France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, assured him of his “emotional and united compassion” for the children of the deceased and “the communist family”, on behalf of the rebellious parliamentary groups.


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