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Lilla Polyák and András Máté Gömöri celebrated

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Just three years ago, he announced in a fairly concise Facebook post András Máté Gömörithat he married Polyak Purple.

With this photo, András Máté Gömöri announced that they were married to Lilla Polyák

Not very expansively, he stated in hashtags that they had already gone on their honeymoon after their secret wedding, and have been celebrating their anniversary every year since.

“It’s become such a strong connection between the two of us that – and I know that sounds salivating – we felt it was tied up in heaven. We felt that there was a strong bond between us that we could not ignore. Thank God you didn’t have to. We knew that what was between us was surreal: he already had two sons, there is an age difference between us, yet he told me that it was wonderful, and if it only lasted a while, let’s cut into it, live it, and live for today. . I already knew then that I didn’t want to let go of that. Time has justified us. I asked for his hand and he said yes. We had a wonderful wedding and we have been very happy ever since ” Said the actor in an interview with nlc, who takes every opportunity to have a little romance. This time, the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary at the place where Matthew asked for the actress’s hand at the time.

“4 years ago in April I wanted to ask for Lilla’s hand at the boating lake in Lillafüred, but the boat rental was not open yet. So today, on our 3rd wedding anniversary, I finally brought her a boat trip. Then we looked for the place under the waterfall where I finally asked him, “Will we be happy for a lifetime?” And there we were caught by a hailstorm. It was a beautiful day” The actor wrote next to the pictures, and after sharing their joy, they were inundated with good wishes.

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