Lille: three new buildings evacuated, two weeks after a deadly collapse

On Saturday, help was called around midnight rue Lepelletier, a shopping street in the heart of “old Lille”, they say in a press release. “In total, there are 17 people in three buildings who were evacuated. A security perimeter has been carried out and a jeopardy decree has been drafted by the town hall of Lille”, they specify. A restaurant and two shops were installed on the ground floor of the buildings.

Rescue “ont observed cracks at the party wall” between numbers 28/30 and 32, explains the town hall of Lille in its decree posted on the spot. “According to the employees of the Orange Bleue restaurant, the crack that already existed (…) has evolved by getting bigger in the last 48 hours with falling cob”, et “creaking noises were heard” at the end of the evening, specifies this text. The municipal services have therefore deemed it necessary to “block access” to the three buildings with a total of around forty apartments, and to the two shops located opposite, until expertise is carried out, according to the decree.