Oh là là! On Instagram, Lilly Becker (42) is now pretty good-naturedly! In her story, the model kneels in front of a mirror and takes a selfie – splinter naked. Although the still-wife of Boris Becker (50) covers her breasts with her arms, nevertheless her approximately 75 000 followers should be quite hot at this sight. The Dutchwoman also posts two so – called GIFS, small animations: two applauding hands and another hand that tickles Lilly – huch – on the breasts.
                            It shines again: Lilly Becker at an event in July Photo: picture alliance / Eventpress
         As if all that was not exciting enough, the naked Lilly emblazoned the question "You mad tho?", Translated freely to German: "Well, are you angry?" Whether the question is addressed to her ex Boris, betrays the 42- Year old not.
Lilly and Boris split in May after nine years of marriage and a total of 13 years of relationship. And that's not peaceful: When the former celebrity dream couple vacated the joint villa in London's Wimbledon district in August, clashes erupted and the police had to move in several times.
Is the Instagram post a hidden message for her still-husband, true to the motto "Look, what's missing"?
In an interview, Lilly Becker revealed after all, shortly after the separation about her relationship with the former tennis star: "We were always very passionate in everything, in life, in love, in sex and in dispute." So might fit. But only Lilly really knows who the sexy provocation is for …


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